How to Choose Best broadband connection for gaming

Thursday, Feb 13, 2020 · 3 mins


Best broadband Connection For Gaming

While the number of players is increasing over online, the need for effective broadband connection is also growing simultaneously. Only an ardent online gaming lover can understand the effect of internet speed and its quality on the overall experience. If the connection is seamless, the gaming experience is unmatched, however, if the connection is jittery the frustration of players is obvious. It is important to consider the following few while choosing the best broadband operator near you:

Latency/Ping rate:

Latency, measured as ping, refers to the average total time that it takes the gaming device to send data to the game server, and back to the gaming device. In simple terms, latency determines how fast your reaction is captured and transmitted from the device to the server. Low latency or ping is desirable to achieve smoother gameplay and a user experience without lagging. It also provides an edge over the competitors playing in the same game. Latency beyond 150 ms is considered to be a deterrent in the comprehensive experience of online gaming. While a good broadband connection will have a latency consistently below 50 ms in general, it is advisable to check the ping rate before making the final choice if online gaming is your passion. You can check the ping rate via a ping test with a few simple steps


If you’re playing multiplayer games online, chances are that you need much higher speeds than single-player games. Consoles like Xbox One indicates the speed requirement and ping rate clearly so that you can check your connection vis-a-vis the given limits to have a lag-free experience. PS4, on the other hand, does not work on dial-up internet and needs a superfast broadband connection.

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Contention ratio:

Also known as oversubscription ratio, contention ratio is the number of people using a single broadband connection. If the contention ratio is 1:8 then up to 8 houses may simultaneously share the bandwidth. Most ISPs in India currently provide a contention ratio of 1:30. With Fiber to the home (FTTH) Internet, you can now get dedicated 1:1 bandwidth, ensuring that you get the speed that you actually pay for, without any lagging or sharing.

Game Booster Broadband plans:

Broadband deals with limited data caps may be available at cheaper rates but are not usually sufficient to suffice the data requirements of an online gamer. You may end up exhausting your limited data in even a single game download if you pick the cheaper broadband plan. Opt for a plan that offers super-speed and unlimited data. The best would be to pick a game booster plan. For instance, our gaming packs are designed specially to meet the speed and data requirements of online gaming enthusiasts.

Packet loss:

Packet loss is the percentage of data packets lost during transmission with respect to the ones that were originally sent. It can significantly affect the quality of experience in online gaming creating issues like lag in the gameplay or jitters during the gaming session. It will result in freezing of the gameplay and sometimes players disappearing and appearing back in an online game. Fiber optic broadband has a low level of packet loss compared to other broadband connections and hence is a popular choice among players on the internet.

Technical Support:

While the upload speed, ping rate, and download speed are essential considerations for choosing the best internet connection, it is equally important to check the effectiveness of technical support provided by the broadband service providers. Though most of the ISPs have a dedicated call center, tech support specialists might not be readily available for all of them. Make sure that you explore the options available near you and choose the best broadband plan that has minimum downtime and 24/7 online support for troubleshooting any probable technical problem during the game.

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