How Much Internet Data Do You Need For Streaming Cricket?

Monday, Jun 07, 2021 · 10 mins


How Much Internet Data Do you Need for Streaming Cricket?

Have you ever wondered how much data Cricket Streaming consumes? You're not alone, and the solution isn't precise. Streaming and other related practises have different link rates depending on the service. Both Netflix and Hulu suggest a minimum download speed of 1.5 Mbps. For HD consistency, Netflix recommends a download speed of 5 Mbps.

How much data does streaming video use?

Keep in mind that the better the video quality, the more bandwidth would be used. When streaming isn't optimised, a single hour of HD video can consume up to 3 GB. That's a lot of data transfer!

Netflix Streaming:

Netflix is the most common, and it can be viewed in a variety of resolutions. Here are the data consumption rates for the resolution settings you can configure on your computer.

Low: 0.3 GB per hour.

Medium: This will stream in SD resolution and use 0.7GB of data per hour.

High: Depending on your system and content, it will stream in HD (consuming 3GB per hour) or 4K ultra HD (consuming 7GB per hour).

Amazon Prime Video Streaming:

Amazon Prime Video has a large library of movies and originals. The data rates for the resolution settings that you can configure on your computer are listed below (mobile).

0.12GB per hour data saver

0.18GB per hour is appropriate.

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0.72 GB per hour is better.

1.82 GB per hour is the best.

You can check the data usage rates from the app if you're watching it on your TV, laptop, or other computer.

Hotstar Streaming:

Because of its live-streaming capabilities, Star Network's Hotstar is most involved during the cricket season, such as the IPL, and has tie-ups with several foreign broadcast houses, such as HBO, ABC, and will soon carry Disney+ streaming services to India. The data rates for the resolution settings that you can configure on your computer are listed below.

  • Full HD (1080p): 1.3GB per hour
  • High (720p): 639MB per hour
  • Medium (360p): 249MB per hour

How much data are you using to stream Cricket?

An average IPL match lasts 3 hours and if you are watching IPL on Full HD, it will consume approximately 4 GB of data.


Streaming ServiceFull HDHigh (720P)Medium (360P)
Amazon Prime1.82GB/Hour0.72GB/Hour0.18GB/Hour


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