How often do you need to reboot your modem and router?

Tuesday, Sep 14, 2021 · 10 mins


Always reboot your system

Should we be paying more attention if rebooting your computer equipment can streamline your smart home or prevent your online student from study interruptions? Several gadgets, in fact, automate the rebooting process to assist avoid problems from occurring in the first place.

We'll explain how this procedure works and whether we think it's worthwhile to set up a home restarting scheduler.

Is it a good idea to reboot ahead of time?

Now let's talk about whether or not you should reset your equipment ahead of time. On some level, the answer will be determined by how frequently you encounter problems. If you find yourself needing to reset once or twice a week, it can be beneficial to automate the process ahead of time. If you just have to reboot every few months, you can probably avoid it for the time being.

The benefits and drawbacks of resetting your modem and router on a regular basis


  • Can prevent problems from occurring at inopportune times by preventing routing faults and glitches.
  • Can provide anti-virus and anti-malware protection


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  • It's possible that your modem and router's lifespan will be shortened.
  • Rebooting too frequently is probably unneeded.
  • Creates a new task for you to add to your daily to-do list.

Of course, if you're having to reboot frequently, you'll want to investigate why. If your router or modem is more than five years old, for example, it may be time to replace it. However, if your equipment is relatively recent, your continual rebooting could indicate that you need a quicker internet connection for your home.

How can the reboot procedure be automated?

Automating the chore of rebooting your home network can be a terrific way to make things easier. You won't have to wait until something goes wrong to restart your gadgets. You can also schedule your reboots at times that are convenient for your family's work or entertainment schedules, such as early morning or late at night.

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