Common mistakes while choosing your Wi-Fi connections

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Choosing a Wi-Fi connection amongst so many Wi-Fi service providers is a hard nut to crack for a beginner. Also, picking up a Wi-Fi connection that delivers fast and reliable internet speed accompanied by excellent coverage needs a proper market check. If a customer needs a proper Wi-Fi connection, he/she should avoid below given botch-ups while choosing a Wi-Fi connection.

Wi-Fi service providers

  1. Neglecting the necessitous features of a router-

    The router is a gateway between the internet and the place where the network is to be established. One must not neglect important features of a router like:

    1. The life span of the router

      The Router being networking hardware is bound to have performance issues, if it is stretched across computer, gaming console, smartphone, tablet, and other streaming devices. The life span and the load handling capacity needs to be checked for a better Wi-Fi connection performance.

    2. Multi-featured router

      The standards of wireless technology like the Wi-Fi connection have changed quite a bit over the last decade. People use Wi-Fi for video streaming, file downloads, data backups, online gaming, and other activities during which lots of data is transferred to and from the internet. Because of that, wireless routers need to have a multi-core processor and at least 128MB of RAM.

    3. Troubleshooting

      Often, people would ignore the speed drops in their Wi-Fi and directly contact the service centre, when they could resolve the problem by themselves quickly. The router should have a “hard reset” feature which could run a seamless troubleshoot for kicking back with optimum speeds.

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  2. Wrong choice of router

    There are many choices one can make while selecting a router. It is imperative that the right standard of the router be selected based on the required wifi plan. There are 4 standards of a router, which are:

    1. 11b
    2. 11g
    3. 11n
    4. 11ac

    Now, the 11n and 11ac routers are capable of offering bandwidths up to 1Gbps, which is an ideal choice to go for. If you already have an old router that falls under the 11b or 11g categories, you should consider upgrading for having access to higher bandwidth and super-fast wifi plans such as ACT’s 1Gbps plan. Having a router that cannot accommodate the speed of the wifi plan is one of the most common mistakes consumers make to save some money on buying the right router.

  3. Choosing the Wi-Fi connection plan without knowing the actual requirement of data and speed.

    Picking up a Wi-Fi connection without knowing the data and Wi-Fi speed requirement is another mistake that is made while buying it. Many people who want to use Wi-Fi for normal streaming or internet surfing often opt for Gigabit internet plans, which isn’t a suitable option for them. Instead, plans that offer speeds similar to 300 Mbps are much more suitable. Similarly, offices with mass internet usage should opt for plans with high bandwidth to accommodate the sharing of the Wi-Fi. The customers should know their requirements and pay an affordable price for a suitable plan opted by them.

  4. Choosing the right frequency

    There are many types of frequencies a router can offer for any wifi connection. Most common ones are 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz. 2.4 GHz has more capability of penetration than 5GHz frequency. Hence, if you have a big house and want the connection to penetrate walls for good coverage, choose a router with 2.4 GHz frequency. 5 GHz routers are more efficient in offering faster speed, and also is capable of offering bandwidth up to 1.3 Gbps per second as compared to 600 Mbps offered by 2.4GHz routers. This is also a common mistake consumers make while choosing their wifi connection.

  5. The real-life speed and price of the Wi-Fi connection

    When a customer reads the specifications of a Wi-Fi connection, they are not told the real-life speed that they get when they use it. They are given theoretical numbers that are measured in specialized labs with the ideal networking equipment. Hence it is really important to verify the real-life speed by making a speed-price comparison between various Wi-Fi connection providers. Also, the user should compare the price of the Wi-Fi connection.

Whether a user is setting up a new home network or upgrading an existing one, the crux of the entire setup is the wireless router and the internet speed it offers. It can be the difference between a nearly flawless network and one that constantly gives you trouble with slow internet. To choose a good Wi-Fi connection from the confusing maze of network connection providers, these mistakes should be avoided and these factors should be properly taken care of.

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