How to improve your video streaming connection : Avoid Buffering

Thursday, Aug 27, 2020 · 10 mins


How to Improve Video Streaming How to Improve Video Streaming
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There is an abundance of video streaming services in the market today. For a seamlessexperience, you need a superfast broadband connection at home. A slow internet connection will lead to performance issues. The streaming quality will be poor and the pictures will be pixelated. Problems like these can hamper your movie experience altogether.

Here are five easy ways in which you can improve your video streaming quality and enjoy uninterrupted movies and TV shows.

  1. Choose the best internet speed you can get

    The most popular broadband plan for those who love to stream videos online is the GIGA plan that offers unrivalled 1000 Mbps bandwidth speed. With such plans, thebuffering issues will disappear, and you canwatch yourfavourite content without interruptions from any device at home. Combine this plan with an efficient router to get the best results.

  2. Pick the best router for your home

    Based on your budget, you can choose both single-band and dual-band routers for your home. If you have a high-speed dual-band router with a blazing fast broadband plan, your video streaming would work like a charm. Even if there are other smart gadgets accessing the network, thevideos you are trying to stream would not getaffected. Routers supporting 802.11ac Wi-Fi technology are the ideal choices for viewing full HD and 4K resolution videos.

  3. Choose the most appropriate Wi-Fi channel

    With the best broadband plans, you can tap into the potential of the most advanced FTTH internet services. There are plans that offer speeds up to 1000 Mbps. If your router doesn’t support the dual channel setup, a 1000 Mbps plan would be of no use. With dual-band routers, you can switch to the 5GHz channel for higher data speeds. This is indispensable for online gaming and video streaming. You can make this change onthe router configuration page from a browser or through the mobile app.

  4. Check your streaming device

    If you are streaming videos on a laptop or television, make sure that no downloads are running in the background. Closing all downloads and clearing cache memory on your device can also tweak your video streaming speeds and quality. Reducing the number of simultaneous connections on the network, and keeping the device software up to date are other steps to resolve streaming issues.

  5. Use LAN cable if possible

    Several smart TVs come with a built-in LAN port. You can directly plug your broadband cable with the RJ45 connector into the LAN port of your TV. With this, your TV gains access to the maximum broadband speed while streaming the content. With a wired home broadband connection, you get a stable network speed. If you have streaming problems due to outdated Wi-Fi software,then an Ethernet connection can solve the issue.


Having a good internet connection is important to quality online streaming. Hence, we offer the best broadband plans in India for work, studies, and entertainment. You can also enjoy lag-free streaming of high-resolution content like 4K videos and movies. Choose the most suitable broadband plan based on your usage and bid adieu to slow Wi-Fi speeds. Experience the best of content streaming services with all these handy tips.

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