Can you turn your TV into a smart TV?

Wednesday, Aug 18, 2021 · 10 mins


How to Turn Your TV Into a Smart TV?

Smart TVs allow you to directly watch Netflix and other streaming services on your TV . Smart TVs are the majority of the latest TVs sold, allowing you to connect to the internet to stream media, browse the web, or run apps. However, if you're hanging on to an older TV, some fantastic added features that can seriously boost your entertainment choices may be missing out.

By adding a device for streaming, A viewer can watch Netflix, Hulu, Apple TV+, Disney+, Amazon Prime, and an endless host of other paid and free streaming services with one program. If one wants to cut the (cable TV) cord, they could also include programming from basic cable channels.

Streaming Device for Your TV

When purchasing a streaming device for your TV, you need to look out for the best features in the market.

  1. Streaming Apps -

    All streaming systems can access apps, but you need to make sure that the platform you select has the apps that you use most. Most common ones, such as Netflix, Prime video, MXplayer, etc. If you want to have access to anything more special, check the streaming apps that are compatible with the device before you buy.

  2. 4K Resolution -

    If you have a 4K TV then you need a 4K streaming device,otherwise you won't be able to view the 4K content available on Netflix, Amazon Video and YouTube.

  3. Great Audio -

    With 4K resolution, you need to make sure that your streaming device can support the best audio to give you a full theatre experience. Many streaming devices offer Dolby surround sound to ensure you have a great viewing experience.

  4. Voice Control -

    a number of streaming devices support voice control. Using your voice to scan for shows is a lot better than dealing with a clunky onscreen keyboard.

  5. Casting -

    This allows you to "cast" your phone on your TV— a simple way to share images or videos with the entire room. Without a remote control, you've already got one less device cluttering up the coffee table.

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