How will a good broadband connection make your life easier at home?

Wednesday, Sep 27, 2017 · 2 mins


Broadband connection for home

We depend on Internet more than ever with every new innovation. Time and again, people keep on debating over the importance of the internet in our day-to-day lives. All of those debates, arose to a new high when Mark Zuckerberg unveiled Jarvis, the news sparked sensation worldwide and inspired many youths across the world to dream of making their own smart home. For those who missed the news, Jarvis is Mark's Iron Man inspired AI voice controlled bot/assistant for his smart-home. Smart homes, Smart Cars, Smart TVs, Smart Watches, and even Smart Glasses are already a reality. In the era of Internet of Things (IoT), subscribing to a good broadband connection is merely the first step that you can take.

From ordering food, planning travel, 24x7 entertainment to surveillance, there are many perks of internet.  Here's how you can make your life easier at home with a high speed broadband connection:

Manage multiple smart devices:

With a powerful internet connection, all of your smart devices can connect quickly and interact simultaneously. These days in an average household, there are an average of 5 devices that always need to be connected online. If you add CCTV or smart bulbs and other gadgets then this number is often higher than 10 for a family of 4 adults. A good broadband connection can save you from the annoyingly slow internet, boost internet speed irrespective of the number of devices, and increase your productivity.

High Definition Entertainment Consumption:

Irrespective of your screen size, the digital entertainment apps such as Netflix/Hotstar/Prime offer HD quality streaming. Even D2H TV operators in India are offering unlimited Live TV recording in HD. Nobody likes to be stuck up in an endless loop buffering their favorite TV show. To truly enjoy streaming in HD all your favourite shows, online or offline you need a high speed broadband connection.

Home Security Systems:

Advanced surveillance systems & electronic security systems such as CCTV, Digital Door Locks, Video Door Phones, Burglar Alarm Systems and Motion Detectors etc. are increasingly taking over the entire market share of Nuclear Family homes in the country. For many families hiring a security personnel is not even an option worth considering. The best security systems are easy to operate through mobile apps so that you can keep an eye on everything that's going on in your home while you are gone. Also, these systems save many days of recordings for future viewing. There are also Electronic Home Lockers/Safes available which can be connected to the internet and send you a call/email/text when there is a security breach. So, a fast reliable uninterrupted internet connection is the cheapest way to secure your home 24x7 irrespective of whether you are at home or away.

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Prevent Disasters:

Taking inspiration from urban households, many people have now started installing safety sensors such as fire & smoke detectors, gas leakage detectors etc. in their homes to prevent disasters. You can truly be stress-free with the right safety sensors always connected to your smartphones but that can be achieved only with a good broadband connection to so that you get notifications in real-time.

Get your own Smart AI assistant:

With devices like Google Home, Amazon Echo and Alexa you can actually control your devices via voice interaction and perform several tasks like setting alarms, play music, listen to news, get weather & traffic update etc. Jarvis may be way ahead in terms of feature, but it is not that far away into the future. You can simplify your day to day life with a robust broadband connection.

Smart Homes via Remote Control:

Imagine how awesome your life could be, if you could control the AC/Geyser/Room Lights/Music System remotely? Well, you could actually do that by connecting your smart-home to a high speed internet and programming these units via their respective apps/ home-automation systems. So, next time when you are about to reach home or before you wake up, warm water is already ready in the bath.

Even if you currently don't own smart devices like Alexa, a faster internet connection can increase your productivity. There are innovative products being launched every single day so you never know how soon you may set up something superb and yet be unable to enjoy it without upgrading existing internet speeds. With so many perks of having a good broadband connection at home, the future looks promising but the present becomes more awesome than ever. Simplify your life without putting too much pressure on your budget as there are plenty of packages offering a reliable internet connection in every price range.

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