Teachers Paving the Way for e-Learning and Setting New Standards For Education

Friday, Sep 04, 2020 · 10 mins


Teachers Day

2020 has seen a lot of reforms and shifts in the normal way of life. With the dawn of the COVID-19 pandemic, most societal functions came to a halt, and the general population was only left with the option to shift to the digital mediums to carry out their activities.

Confronting the ground reality and finding ways to navigate around the pandemic, one of the major concerns in India was how can quality education be delivered to the students digitally? Over 1 billion students worldwide are affected due to school closures. To battle this, teachers all across the country stepped up to the task, and aligned themselves with the shift of medium in teaching. Let’s take a look at how teachers have paved the way for delivering quality education digitally, without compromising on the quality.

Adapting to the New, While Honouring the Old

While many industries like IT, Advertising, Content Development, and many more were already acquainted with the idea of remote working or being literate about digital mediums, the education industry isn’t that far ahead of the curve. Teachers were used to the conventional methods of teaching, and preferred face to face classroom methodology over e-learning.

However, just after the lockdown started, teachers across the country buttoned up and started exploring and learning about how they can offer unadulterated teaching to their students online. “How to teach online”, “Which platforms are best for online teaching”, and many other questions like these experienced a huge surge in search engines.

Without any additional incentives, guidance, or even resources in many cases, and a non-familiarity with digital mediums, teachers across the country rolled up their sleeves and got to work. In a short span of time, these heroes were able to align themselves digitally, only for their students, which showed their resolve for their profession, and respect they had for their students.

Teachers were clearly willing to take their efforts a bit further and let go of their intimidation of technology to offer their students optimum education. Taking the bull by its horns, online teaching was no longer a buzzword for teachers, and they took the task of getting acquainted with various methods that could help them in teaching online. Setting up their lectures, preparing sessions for interactive back and forth with the students, conducting tests, and much more was learned in a matter of days, and proficiently implemented by the teachers.

Leveraging What Already Exists

The education industry has already seen growth in the last decade in terms of expanding their reach into digital mediums, which opened up the gate for teachers to explore various digital platforms for teaching. This has played a crucial role for teachers across the country in offering exceptional teaching to their students.

Education platforms like BYJUS and channels like Slack and Microsoft Teams were already being used for teaching and communications purposes. Moreover, like D2L, Canvas, and Blackboard, along with synchronous platforms like Zoom, Google Meets, and Google Teams, were also available for their full potential to be utilized.

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Understanding the various features of these platforms and seeing which one would fit best with their teaching techniques, teachers were now ready to put the digital learning mediums into action. Establishing a new equilibrium of competent teaching required many elements to be considered by the teachers. Some of the most crucial elements that would help them in classroom management were:

  • Determining the classroom size
  • Fixing a communication channel
  • Organizing online sessions for interactive classrooms
  • Fixing time slots for lectures
  • Fixing the platform of teaching (Learning Management System, video chat applications, etc)
  • Determining the medium of conducting fair assessments and tests online

Whatever the elements, all of them had one common denominator requirement - Fast Internet Speed. Having a fluent internet connection was the key to the success of fluently navigating through the shift into the digital medium for students and teachers alike.

How ACT Fibernet Assisted Teachers and Students

ACT Fibernet realized the dire need for reliable internet and broadband services for teachers and students alike, along with learning more about the digital shift in teaching,

ACTivateLearning was launched as an engaging and helpful initiative with industrial tips and tricks for teachers to navigate around various digital platforms and teaching methods. It also offers parents and students with various tips to ensure that they are safe online and also are taking away the most from digital learning. All of this, coupled with insightful videos from experts, has helped many teachers, students, and parents across the country.

This interactive initiative also opened the gates for teachers and parents to get access to ACT Fibernet’s trusted internet services, if they didn’t already have them. With reliable speeds that assure uninterrupted and seamless teaching experience, teachers with ACT Fibernet have nothing but positive things to say about their experience.

ACT Fibernet salutes the resolve and dedication of teachers across the country this Teacher’s Day, and asks the students and parents to appreciate the efforts they have put in to ensure that quality education still prevails in times like this.

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