Is the Internet Invited to Environment Day?

Tuesday, Jun 06, 2017 · 2 mins


Internet Environment Day Internet Environment Day
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It's World Environment Day, and everyone's excited to do their bit for our planet. Whether you're participating in a litter-picking initiative organized at the beach, designing an elaborate terrace garden, or simply vowing to pay your electricity bill online, you want to keep Mother Nature happy as much as we do. We all know what happens when she's angry - exploding volcanoes, horrendous hurricanes, savage tsunamis, the works!

The Internet extends a helping hand in our endeavor to keep Mother Earth spinning prettily. Yes, in spite of having a broadband connection, most of us fail to appreciate how it helps us go green. Here are some of the ways the Internet saves the day.

The Internet of Things

The Internet of Things (IoT) deserves its own blog called "All the Ways the Internet of Things is Fighting Pollution and Saving Our Planet!" It's helping us do more with less. It's creating new opportunities to reduce pollution and improve resource efficiency. Iot depends on low-power, low-data transmitting sensors. These sensors don't tap into the buildings' main power and are unlikely to result in horrifying electricity bills.

Buildings emit roughly one third of all Greenhouse Gas emissions and Iot helps reduce these. It also extends its reach to agriculture, improving resource efficiency by employing a fully automated irrigation system that delivers water and fertilizer accurately, thus reducing wastage. The benefits are endless.

A paperless paradise

Most of us have already switched to this method; as for those who haven't, get a move on! The dawn of the paper-free world is approaching with people using the online alternative to replace paperwork. So, thank your Internet service provider for enabling you to:

  • Pay your bills online
  • Bank online
  • Read your morning paper or favorite magazines online
  • Store your work, personal, and other data online
  • Use remote cloud storage to backup your files

Clean cloud computing

This method is highly recommended as it can cut energy use and carbon emissions drastically. You can host a virtual meeting instead of flying employees for face-to-face ones. This not only saves precious energy but also time and money.  

When you move to the cloud, you will notice a lot of physical space clearing up, too. You will now have room to keep that little potted plant you've always wanted!

Spreading awareness

The Internet has brought us together often for a social cause, and environmental issues are no exception. Movements as big as the Swachh Bharat Abhiyan as well as small, city-wide clean-up events garner widespread attention and attract participants online. Social media has its own role to play when it comes to circulating this information. Today, we know that Indore in Madhya Pradesh is India's cleanest city and that Gonda in Uttar Pradesh needs a good sweeping, all thanks to the real-time updates available online.

Whether you're going paperless or getting on the cloud, it's always nice to have a high-speed Internet connection when you're trying to save the world. Go digital. Go green.

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