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Monday, Mar 20, 2017 · 3 mins


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The Internet is hailed for its 'Ëœopenness' and has created a healthier space for many voices without gender differences. It has countered the real-world inequities in striking ways. This has made women taking influential places in this environment and it's really a story of inspiration. These powerful women emerging as thought leaders are lending their voices to give power back to the unheard and are unapologetically reclaiming their space on the internet one tweet at a time! All women have to do now is adopt the Internet as a part of their lives!

It's also surprising that the same Internet is becoming a breeding ground for harassments and trolls, threats and insults against women. Yet she forces her way past all these evils and weaves different stories of inspiration. And how does she communicate these stories of inspiration? That's where the Internet and Social Media play the best part, because it's open and accessible for everyone. She communicates through online talk-shows, stand-up comedies, Insta-poems and a lot more! Connectivity thus becomes a part of her everyday life, being a woman on the internet is epic in 2017!

ACT Fibernet, the 3rd largest internet provider in India, providing wired broadband connection to homes and offices, takes pride in being an enabler for these amazing women in voicing their expressions. While surviving a morning of back-to-back tantrums, and dealing with work pressure like a trooper, she can count on a reliable and high-speed internet connection to see a torrent of likes and encouraging comments for her post on Facebook, sharing a photo of her loved one, relishing the feedback she got for a blog piece written by her, downloading and watching a video that can get her inspired, being a thought leader on social media and so much more! But who are the female thought leaders on social media? Here they are! The list is vast, but we picked some of the most powerful influencers today for you.

  1. Rupi Kaur

    Rupi Kaur started out as an Instapoet "a writer who publishes their poetry on Instagram and builds up a following. She began releasing short poems to her followers" simple, raw lines that tackled tough topics such as rape, domestic violence and alcoholism. In 2014 she self-published a collection of her poetry, accompanied by her own sketches, titled Milk and Honey. A bold move amidst many warnings!

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  2. Aditi Mittal

    Aditi Mittal is an Indian stand-up comedian, actress and writer. One of the first women to do stand-up comedy in India, she has been rated amongst India's top 10 stand-up comedians. She strongly believes that technology has been very much responsible for her success. Given the present scenario of explicit misogyny and transphobia in mainstream media, Aditi challenges these tropes with powerful humour by operating on TwitterYouTube, and Facebook.

  3. Superwoman

    Lilly Singh says she made her first YouTube video in 2010 to deal with her depression. She started her channel in October 2010. Today Singh aka Superwoman is the highest paid female YouTuber for the year 2016 and has 1.5 billion views on her channel and 10 million subscribers. She is the third highest YouTuber over all behind Pewdiepie and Roman Atwood and hangs out with the likes of James Franco and Michelle Obama.

  4. Vidya Vox

    US-based singer Vidya Iyer, is known for her knack of combining popular western and Indian songs. The sassy musician with a silken voice has garnered over a million subscribers on the YouTube channel she set up in 2015.

  5. Nisha Madhulika

    Nisha started her food blog in 2007. The internet being inclusive and bringing power to all, she decided to start the blog in Hindi. After some time, her blog gained popularity and on demand she created her own website which was developed by her son. Later on the insistence of her followers, she started creating videos and launched her own YouTube channel. "YouTube is the way I chase my passion, and age doesn't really matter when it comes to pursuing your passion. There's space for everybody, young or old," she says.

Now over to you! Know of any woman who owes her success to the internet? Let us know by posting it as a comment.

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