Is gigabit internet worth the expense?

Wednesday, Dec 16, 2020 · 10 mins


Is gigabit internet worth the expense?

Gigabit internet connection can boost your internet speeds up to 1Gbps. Gig-speed Internet is a quantum leap from conventional broadband connections. If you have a smart home setup planned, then you should have a gig internet broadband plan on your priority list. Gigabit connections are more expensive but price worthy options when compared to common broadband plans. Is it worth splurging on a gigabit connection? Knowing all the benefits that a gig-speed internet offers can help you understand why this speed is gaining momentum.

What are the perks of switching to a gigabit internet connection?

  1. Symmetric speeds mean better gaming

    With the improved bandwidth, your connection would bring you uniform upload and download speeds. This can be a huge benefit for gamers. You can play the best games in the world with the maximum graphics settings and take part in your favorite online battles. With this connection, you will definitely forget about the lags and game loading delays.

  2. Multiple streaming devices? No problem!

    Now that most people rely on OTT services for entertainment, they can opt for a gig internet, which can offer a huge benefit. It expands the possibilities and ensures that everyone at home can enjoy lag-free connections. You might have tablets, laptops, 4K smart TVs, or 4K TV boxes, all connected to the same network. At the same time, there might be a kid attending his online class through a virtual conferencing app. In the midst of all this, a person working from home would still be able to confidently place a video call without worrying about network lags and connectivity issues. 1Gbps gives you all the bandwidth that the many connected devices in your home might require.

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  3. Cloud storage becomes more practical

    Nowadays, most people rely on the internet for a variety of tasks, so you need to make sure that your background data backups are not postponed. With gigabit plans, you can make the most of cloud services for data storage. Backing up sensitive information and downloading them without delay would be possible with such speeds. You can schedule automatic backup of data from any device. Data backup file size also does not have to be a thing to worry about, when you have a gigabit connection at home.

What should you do to make the most of a gigabit speed internet connection?

Ensure that you update your router so that there is hardware compatibility to match the speed of the fast-running digital world. There are budget-friendly routers that can support over 1 gig internet speed and some can even go more than 10Gbps. Then comes the choice of cabling. For multiple Ethernet connections from the router, you might find Cat6 cables to be the best fit. Remember that the best speeds of gigabit plans can be felt through wired connections more than with a router. If you do connect your Ethernet cable to a computer with the help of an adapter, pick a gigabit compatible adapter and not a simply USB adapter. You need to ensure that your computer, laptop, and gaming devices support gigabit speeds.

Finally, after all your checks you should make sure that you keep your router firmware up to date so that you receive all the essential security patches for a secure gigabit broadband connection at home. Are you ready to witness the unbelievable transformation that gig speed internet offers?

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