Is WiFi good for streaming?

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Wi-Fi for Streaming

Ever since the pandemic has taken over our lives, most of us have been stuck at home. We have resorted to our phones and computers for entertainment. Because people are consuming more content, new content creators have decided to follow their passion, and existing content creators have started putting out more content. During the lockdown, many content creators have flourished on YouTube and Instagram. For example, Tanmay Bhat has become one of the biggest content creators in the country, and he has inspired hundreds to follow their passion and start streaming and making content.


When it comes to streaming, there is a continuous flow of content from the creators to us. Be it for streaming content or for watching content. The best Wi-Fi connection is needed. Streamers need the best Wi-Fi for streaming because they come across live to thousands or millions of people. The first and most important thing required for streaming is a good internet connection. This is why many streamers opt for ethernet connection or wired broadband because it is more stable.

Problems with ethernet

However, this is expensive to install and maintain. Also, it restricts mobility and requires the set-up to be unhindered. For these reasons, many Wi-Fi plans for streaming have been introduced by broadband companies. Streaming has become popular in India since 2020, and YouTube and Twitch have seen massive growth in viewership. More and more people are following up on their passion for creating content, and streaming is one of the most interactive and

Wi-Fi Plans for Streaming

These plans are specifically designed for streamers and ensure the best Wi-Fi for streaming which is very high speed and stable, and the data limit is very high. Many broadband companies have come up during the lockdown, and they are offering good services at highly competitive rates. A good internet connection that remains stable has become an essential need in our daily lives. Without the internet, our work, studies and entertainment will be significantly hampered. Therefore, every household now needs a good and stable internet connection to get all work done.

Earlier, getting high-speed Wi-Fi meant burning a hole through your pocket. But this is no longer the case. Nowadays, Wi-Fi is affordable, and even high-speed Wi-Fi is not very expensive. But which brands can you go for?

ACT Fibernet

One of India’s best internet service providers is ACT Fibernet, and they have some of the most affordable plans providing the highest speeds and stability. Some of their higher-end plans are ideally suited for streaming purposes. The 1000 MBPS speed plan allows for 5500GB of data limit and free trials and subscriptions to services like Cult Fit, Zee 5, Netflix, ACT Stream TV 4K, and many others. This plan is one of the best Wi-Fi plans for streaming, and the cost is less than what an ethernet connection would cost.

ACT Fibernet is one of the top Wi-Fi providers in the country. They have established themselves in 19 cities such as Bangalore, Madurai, Chennai, Coimbatore, and Jaipur Visakhapatnam. These are just a few of the cities they have a presence in. Their prices are incredibly affordable, which is one of the reasons why many people opt for their services.

In conclusion

The main reason why Wi-Fi is more convenient than ethernet broadband is that the installation of wired ethernet is an expensive and cumbersome affair. While it is true that many streamers opt for wired internet connections for their streaming purposes, most streamers cannot afford the upkeep of a wired broadband connection.

But with plans like the ACT, which offer 1000MBPS speed, streamers can entirely rely on their Wi-Fi for streaming. Therefore, the huge cost of installing ethernet and cables is avoided. Once the aspect of the internet is solved, streaming becomes a lot easier. It also relieves the streamer of the worry that the internet connection might falter, leading to embarrassment while streaming.

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Most streamers on Twitch and YouTube stream while watching videos and playing games, so it is essential to have high speed and stability. With ACT Fibernet, both these concerns are taken care of.

FAQs related to streaming on Wi-Fi

  1. Is it better to stream on Wi-Fi or ethernet?

    While it is recommended to stream on ethernet because it is more stable, this may not be a viable option for everyone. The installation cost may be too high for most people, and the hassle of cables is annoying to most people. This is why Wi-Fi is a better option. Though Wi-Fi is meant for light usage on phones and computers, with the right settings, it can be optimised for streaming as well.

  2. What settings are best for streaming?

    One of the best recommendations from streamers is to reduce the quality from 1080p to 720p. This will significantly reduce lag and put less stress on the Wi-Fi.

  3. What are some tips to optimise Wi-Fi for a better streaming experience?

    1. The first tip is to get the latest and best router. This can significantly boost connectivity.
    2. Another tip is to have the Wi-Fi all to yourself. If others at home are using the same Wi-Fi, you will face lag.
    3. Get a separate Wi-Fi connection for streaming.
    4. But make sure that the two routers are not too close to each other as this will lead to the signals interrupting each other and causing lag on both networks.

With these tips, you are good to go! Happy streaming!

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