Is wireless internet faster than wired?

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Which is Better Among Wireless and Wired Internet Network?

Life has gone largely online especially since the year 2020 when the COVID pandemic hit the world. Most of us are now working from home. Online classes have replaced offline classes, and the internet has become an indispensable part of our daily lives. It has therefore become a necessity to have a fast and stable Wi-Fi connection in every home. We cannot imagine our lives without an internet connection even for a day!

Several wireless broadband services have come up to meet this increasing demand, and are offering high speeds at affordable and competitive prices. But if you are planning on getting a wireless internet connection, you might be faced with a question: is wireless internet faster than wired broadband connections? The truth is: wired broadband connections are actually faster.

However, the reason why most people opt for wireless internet instead of wired ethernet is because of convenience and range. Let us look at some of the main factors when it comes to picking between wireless and wired networks:

  1. Speed:

    Wired networks are way faster than wireless internet connections. This is because data is transferred through cables. Devices are connected directly through cables and this is why the speeds are often higher than any wireless broadband connection.

  2. No unauthorised joining:

    Another reason why wired networks are faster is because there are no unauthorised users joining in and slowing down the speed. The only devices that can use the network are the ones that are connected to the wired broadband connection through cables. This is why wired connections are often a more popular choice in office buildings.

  3. Security:

    When it comes to security, wired connections do not lag behind wireless connections. When firewalls are installed, there are very few chances of unauthorised users accessing the wired broadband network.

  4. Stable and reliable:

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    Wired broadband connections are extremely stable and reliable because they are connected through cables. This is another reason why most office buildings opt for wired broadband instead of wireless broadband connections. Wired connections solve the problem of dead spots and bad connectivity completely.

Yet we see that most people opt for Wi-Fi connections in their homes and even in offices. This is because wired ethernet connections have certain drawbacks that wireless internet does not.

  • The number one reason why people opt for wireless internet connections over wired broadband is because of the mobility issue. With Wi-Fi, you can be anywhere in the house and still have connectivity to the network. Wired ethernet only works through cables and this can be very restrictive.
  • The installation process is truly cumbersome when it comes to wired broadband. Every single device has to be connected with wires to the main router. Setting up firewalls is also a more complex process when it comes to ethernet. This is one of the main reasons why people opt for wireless Wi-Fi.
  • The annoyance of wires everywhere is truly a problem that played a big part in Wi-Fi becoming more popular over broadband ethernet connections.
  • Wired networks require a server if the network framework is too large. To maintain a server, IT professionals have to be hired. All of this can only be afforded by large offices of companies and therefore, most people choose for a cost-effective high-speed wireless internet connection.

Having listed the pros and cons of a wired network, it is clear that wireless internet is the more convenient and affordable one. Nowadays, high speed internet can offer speeds up to 1000 MBPS. The whole family can join one network and there will be enough data for everyone. This makes wireless internet the more attractive option.

There are plenty of wireless broadband services available in India today. You should choose the one that offers the best speeds at the most affordable prices. This is why one of the best options is ACT Fibernet. They have a presence in 19 cities in India such as Bangalore, Jaipur, Madurai, Coimbatore, Visakhapatnam, Delhi, and many more.

They offer high speeds at extremely affordable prices and even add in free subscriptions and trials to services like Hungama, Zee 5, Cult Fit and many other brands. You can find a plan suitable for your home or office because there are tons of available plan options. Depending on the city where you are living, plan prices and options may vary. We all know how annoying it is to have video call drops or having to re-join a Zoom meeting because of poor internet. All these problems can be avoided by choosing a good wireless broadband connection.

Given the amount of time we spend on the internet every day, working or watching movies, high-speed Wi-Fi with stability is an essential need in our daily lives. You should not compromise on low speeds or pay extremely high prices. So, opt for a wireless internet connection from ACT Fibernet today and forget any and all internet-related issues!

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