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Friday, Jun 05, 2020 · 5 mins


Internet Leased Line

The foundation of success for any business relies on uninterrupted communication and online transactions. The Internet, as a medium, is no longer just a conduit. It is a medium to send/receive emails or use IT applications. The same is also used for navigating an IT ecosystem, operating IT tools, and performing cloud-based actions. Hence, a basic broadband connection won’t suffice for the businesses’ equivalent needs. Fortunately, the alternative to that is a premium Internet Leased Line connection that provides dedicated and uncontended symmetry in its internet speed for downloads and uploads.

Why opt for an ILL based high-speed internet for Business?

In a recent discovery, a 0.5 seconds delay in Amazon's page loading would cost them 1% in sales. But that was just an anecdotal reference to one of the aspects of why a premium leased line connection can be a game-changer. Now, let's delve right into the other important aspects of ILL based high-speed internet.

  • Healthy IT ecosystem

    Businesses conduct a multitude of internet reliant activities; from e-training to e-learning programs to even e-tendering, and every other operation of a commercial organization. For video conferencing, social media management, online helpdesk, and customer interaction, flawless internet is an absolute requirement.

  • Cost Optimization

    Although low-cost options are preferred by start-ups and SMEs, the choices, however, end up being detrimental to their performance, leaving them with impaired productivity and sour customer experience.

  • Self-Employed/Business Packages

    Broadband and leased line connectivity are the two prime choices of connectivity for businesses today. However, the former is a preferred choice for subscribers who are self-employed professionals. But, the Internet leased line service is catering to the specificity of businesses with 15 or more employees.

  • Flexible Payment Options

    ILL is an evolved choice as opposed to any vanilla broadband connection since the former provides round-the-clock internet connectivity. The internet leased line providers connect two definite locations and provide a private, reserved circuit between them. The leased line cost is distributed in the form of a subscription fee paid annually or monthly.

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What are the benefits of an ILL connection as opposed to business broadband?

Unlike any business broadband connectivity that is distributed amongst the users in a vicinity, ILL connectivity is reserved and private, shared only between the local service provider and the business concerned. ILL connectivity also comes with its predetermined bandwidth, offering the prescribed speed for both downloads and uploads. So, there will be no other users or any contention. Moreover, the provisions of the service are documented and bound by a Service Level Agreement (SLA).

Here’s an overview of ILL’s benefits and how it boosts productivity

  • Impact on Business Productivity

    Internet speed matters when it comes to sustaining an entire IT ecosystem - delays in navigation for such time-intensive operations can be detrimental for any enterprise or business. But ILL solves this particular problem statement seamlessly. Businesses can opt for a connection ranging from 15MBPS to even 1GBPS where their desired subscription will provide identical speed for both downloads and uploads.

  • End-to-end SLA on Packet Loss, Latency, and Uptime

    ILL inhabits customizable features along with a documented SLA. High uptime is promised by the ILL service provider where restorative actions are taken immediately by the service provider during any performance malfunction. ILL also monitors jitters and latency of its networks. And, with the prescribed SLA guidelines, lowest latency, as compared to business broadband, is guaranteed - which is especially a huge advantage for businesses relying on VoIP setups.

  • Streamlining Monetary Resource

    A business with a tentative plan of expansion must also require high-speed internet connectivity. And, if they had to make an informed choice, ILL would be the best option to provide high speed, low latency, low jitter, symmetrical, and better last-mile connectivity. The services provided are highly scalable where businesses can easily upgrade their speed and bandwidth if and when they require, with a few clicks to upgrade their plan online!

  • Smoother access for cloud and collaborative functions

    Since remote work is slowly growing as the new norm given the current global situation, high-speed internet is a necessity to share resources, ideas, and content more efficiently. Now that the work infrastructure is relying on web conferencing and other remote alignments, reliable connectivity is a must - companies using cloud-based applications will also require high performing internet to run such applications securely without any patchy outcome.

Ready for an informed choice for Internet connectivity?

ILL is a progressive and reliable solution that ACT Enterprise offers, maintaining the SLA guidelines and a long term relationship with our customers. Contact us for more information today.

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