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Wednesday, Nov 06, 2019 · 2 mins


In 1958, William Higginbotham, an American physicist invented the rudimentary form of what’s now known as ‘gaming’. It marked the start of a field that would eventually have devout followers all over the world. What began as a simple tennis game, soon spread to the TV, PC and finally the console. The gift of the internet now allows gamers across the world to face each other within the comfort of their screens.

Shift to present day where exponentially iterant digital technology, sharing and content streaming platforms coupled with the power of Social Media has finally paved the way for gaming finally become a “Mass Phenomenon” through online games. The advancement of high-speed internet has allowed online gamers worldwide to play the best PC games, the most popular video games and the best web games together in real time!

That’s where ACT Fibernet comes in. As a brand, ACT has decided help the growing community in India LVLUP; by identifying, supporting and encouraging the online gaming industry, which has a active user base of 300 Million on date. Our network provides high speed - low latency connections to our users, helping them experience a smooth, seamless internet experience. This will help online gamers download the best video games and enhance their overall experience with speedy ease. That’s not all. Amazing bonus incentives like exclusive deals on the latest PC games, new online games and popular video games are tailored to help gamers, feel the advantage! 

To cater to our customers, we are providing packages that support gamers by offering speed boosts, exclusive in-game content, discounts, exclusive partnerships, and many other benefits. You can find all the latest plans here.

Unlike other ISPs, ACT intends on providing services that specifically enhance your game such as:

  • Speed Boosts

    Thinking of downloading a large game? Now Maggi isn’t the only thing you can get ready in a couple of minutes!

    Customers are now able to boost their speeds (up to 300 Mbps) and get a data top-up. Additional speed and data cut waiting times massively (Also acts as a cure for the ‘Rage Quit’ syndrome! ). This also helps those taking part in online multiplayer games (PC/Console) with low-latency connections that are lighting fast.

    That’s why, It’s no wonder that ACT Broadband is regarded by many as the best internet connection for gaming and streaming in India!

    Looking for an internet plans that
    offer 24x7 assured speeds?

    Connect now to get the best of broadband plans and get additional offers on:

  • World of Warship benefits

    One of the most popular free online MMO games out there, World of Warships is a thrilling shooter game that allows you to dominate the high seas!

    Ranging from carrier units to cruisers and destroyers, the game offers a variety of selections to destroy your enemies with. And with the new gaming top-ups you’ll now get exclusive in-game rewards, customized banners, flags, camos and many other items. The fun mmorpg is one of the most played internet games world-wide, because nothing feels better than wrecking another player’s warship with a special camouflage and perks that’ll leave him thinking “Wow, I want that!”.

  • Vouchers from partners

    A problem faced by gamers all over the world is the fact that gaming gear is expensive. State of the art headsets, a smooth mouse pad, a gaming rig/chair help gamers completely dive-in to the world of PC Games.

Hence ACT Fibernets exclusive partnership with gaming cafes and gaming brands like Express Games (who own Games-The Shop), Lenovo, Amazon, Ubisoft, Electronic Arts etc. offers rewards and discounts to subscribers of the new plan. The vouchers range from single use coupons worth upto Rs1000 to multiple use codes worth much more. Gone, are the days where gaming causes you to loosen those purse strings.  

Gaming in India and online video games in particular, have come a long way. Statistics prove that there will be more than 620 million gamers on all platforms by 2020. The medium is no longer seen as childish, but as something that people across all ages can enjoy. In fact, gaming as a career path is gradually being considered a legitimate option. Its popularity seems to have skyrocketed in the past year, with due credit to free online games such as PUBG, World of Warships on PC and consoles.  Companies that manufacture online computer games/PC games and online multiplayer video games also recommend only the best internet connections. 

It is our aim to help spearhead India’s growing rise in the field of e-sports by providing a level playing field, akin to international online gaming benchmarks and standards. ACT will actively hold competitions, tournaments and help to identify and encourage those who are willing to ‘level-up’ their game. ACT also intends to bring Indian gamers the expertise of technical support, specific to the gaming industry. 

Thus, by providing an eco-system that covers the end-to-end needs of the Indian gamer, ACT plans on helping everyone who some day dream of becoming the ‘best online gamer in the world’ and feel the advantage.

What are you waiting for? Subscribe to the ACT Gaming Pack today! 

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