Managed Wi-Fi Networks: Why Do You Need It

Monday, Jun 07, 2021 · 10 mins


Managed Wi-Fi Networks: Why Do You Need It.

People nowadays demand instant connectivity – anywhere and at all times. The days of spotty connectivity and internet cables are long gone. When it comes to a business environment, having fast and easy access to Wi-Fi isn't just about convenience; it also has tangible benefits like increased productivity, reliability, and teamwork.

In 2021, consumers expect free, fast, reliable, and safe WiFi access from all businesses. To help their employees' day-to-day operations, offices rely on quick and reliable WiFi connections.

The company WLAN scenario has completely changed in the last decade; instead of managing a few access points (AP) to provide wireless hotspots for a limited number of workers, workplace Wi-Fi is now required to provide enterprise-wide coverage to hundreds of thousands of users. This is where a managed wi-fi network can be of use to many organisations.

What is Managed Wi-Fi?

Managed WiFi is an outsourced wireless network that connects tenants, visitors, and customers to the Internet through multiple access points within a building, ensuring property-wide access. It's a cloud-based technology, which means that Internet providers remotely control and troubleshoot a business' WiFi network, eliminating the need for an on-site IT department to do so.

A managed WLAN solution will cover the entire WLAN lifecycle, from developing, engineering, and deploying wireless systems to managing the entire network. Cloud managed Wi-Fi provides centralised management for user authentication and network control through a flexible subscription-based payment model.

Why do Businesses need Managed Wi-Fi?

The huge increase in the usage of smart mobile devices (there are currently over 2 billion smartphones worldwide) and the emergence of the BYOD (bring your own device) community has resulted in a corresponding increase in the demand for connectivity. Wi-Fi networks are now expected to link an increasing number of devices in a secure and timely manner.

Add in the massive increase in Internet use due to social media and other web-based applications, and you have a recipe for disaster. Employees expect high-speed networking to be available at all times and on every laptop, in addition to email access.

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Connectivity is essential for running a competitive company, whether you have a small office or a large corporation with many locations. Employees can step away from their desks and be more versatile with their work environment thanks to a well-managed wireless ecosystem, which generates and fosters a more positive work culture.

4 Benefits of Managed Wi-Fi

Below are the major benefits on Managed Wi-Fi networks -

  1. Cost Effective:

    Controlled WiFi is provided by an Internet provider, allowing companies to save money by eliminating the need for an on-site IT department to monitor and troubleshoot a property's WiFi while also gaining access to cutting-edge wireless technology and cyber-security experts.

  2. Scalability:

    Scalability is one of the most important advantages of regulated WiFi networks. Providers may use managed WiFi to simply add new access points or WiFi extenders to areas of a building where they find bad connectivity – before users even notice. Huge multi-unit apartment complexes, large national warehouse and chain-retail stores, hospitals, and enterprise offices will all benefit from this.

  3. Reliability:

    Nothing ruins efficiency more than a bad WiFi link (or one that is spotty). For several companies, this will include making their IT department diagnose the problem or enlisting the help of a professional. Those that use a Managed WiFi network have access to 24/7 dedicated support, which diagnoses, troubleshoots, and fixes WiFi issues remotely – without the need to come on-site.

  4. Security:

    In terms of protection, managed WiFi is a better choice than an internal IT department since it enables companies to outsource to qualified professionals. These security experts are well-versed in the best practises for configuring the most reliable networks and administrative controls. They will verify links and keep an eye on networks for possible threats and breaches.

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