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high-speed internet provider

It is always an honor to serve our clients with compassion and dedication by solving their internet connection queries. It has been more than four years that we are connecting people with their smart devices most smartly and more easily. We value your time and appreciate your patience with us, that is why we are known as the largest Internet Service Provider of South India and 3rd largest ISP of the country.

We are providing high-speed internet connectivity with numerous devices with the least uninterrupted connection issues. We understand what role the internet plays in our daily lives. And if it is shut down for even a few minutes, our life goes on hold. Therefore, we pledge to deliver a seamless internet connection experience.

Here are some services that we provide to give our customers the upper hand while choosing an ISP:

The Speed Performance:

Are you a coder or an architect? Your consumption decides the internet speed you require as per your usage. People whose businesses and earnings rely on the internet, need a high-speed ISP. Therefore, we ensure to give our clients the best services in terms of enhanced connectivity and fewer hindrances. However, this does not mean our system does not go down. But, luckily, how fast it goes, it starts working at the same rate without losing any second of your precious time.

Know The Upload and Download Speed:

Browsing the internet and uploading or downloading need different internet speeds. Before you pick an ISP for yourself, understanding the nuances of speed it delivers is paramount. Nowadays, houses have asymmetrical internet connections - the downloading speed is much faster as compared to uploading speed. For houses, this connection is a perfect one as the downloading is done frequently and uploading is lesser in comparison. This means while watching VoD on various apps like - Netflix, Hotstar, Prime, Zee5, Voot are downloading stuff from the internet.

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On the other hand, professionals that need internet connectivity for businesses prefer a symmetrical connection. Where download speed and uploading spread are both of the same magnitudes. This means for video conferencing on Zoom and Skype, this type of connection and speed is what you need.

Fortunately, we aid in both types. If you need an internet connection for your home, we are there to provide. If your business needs high-speed internet, ACT is there to assist you with it too. Indeed, we have all your internet problems covered for you!

The Broadband Connectivity Cap:

From home internet services to smartphones, data cap is an integral part of any data plan. Simply put. It is a broadband cap that states the data limit that a connection provides during a fixed period. For instance, Jio provides approximately 2GB internet every day. If someone exceeds that limit, it decreases the speed of further usage. Therefore, for Jio, its data cap is fixed up to 2GB.

Favorably, we provide data plans that fit the requirements of any user. From professional to home usage, we know what our customers want and we tend to give them the utmost ease of connecting with us. As an ISP, it is our moral duty to not cheat our customers and provide services that they deserve. Quality service is the fundamental essence of ACT Bangalore.

Before going for an ISP, ensure to ask the following questions:

  • What is a broadband cap?
  • What happens when the data limit is exceeded?

Customer Service:

As humans, we tend to make mistakes but who says these cannot be rectified. A company is an artificial person, therefore, it can too cause some interruptions. However, what a company does to rectify its mistakes is the foundation that will help in growing infinitely. Our customer service is always available for assistance. You are facing any issue related to internet connectivity, we are instantly here to help you. Our after-sales services will never disappoint you, just keep faith in us!

To know more about us, drop your details, and be a part of our growing network hive!

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