Reasons You Should Consider Upgrading to ACT Smartwifi Technology

Wednesday, Nov 24, 2021 · 10 mins


ACT SmartWiFi Technology

The Internet is essential to everything you do today whether you are working, learning or streaming at home, your wi-fi technology makes all the difference. The last few years have seen spectacular growth in our usage of the internet and so many more devices are connected to the internet via wi-fi inside homes. Today to support this usage, service providers have improved their speeds. However, with increased usage, even though speeds have increased there is stress on wi-fi performance.

What is ACT SmartFiber?

ACT Fibernet has analyzed real-time feedback from users in its innovation labs and continuously worked to improve its traffic patterns, data centers, last-mile connectivity, and in-home experience. With continuous iterative improvements in every aspect of technology, from network architecture, fast convergence, scalability, and adoption of the new evolution of technologies around the globe – ACT SmartFiber® is not just a wire into your home, but a gateway to superior internet usage experience.

ACT Smartfiber(r) technology with smartstreaming(r) and self healing properties(link) improves network performance till your premise. In side your premise, the wi-fi performance is the key enabler for superior experience.

ACT SmartWifi

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To provide a better home wi-fi experience ACT Fibernet is launching smart wi-fi powered by wi-fi 6 technology. Smart wi-fi powered by wi-fi 6 is a huge advancement in technology that will improve your wi-fi experience. Smart wi-fi enables simultaneous communication with multiple devices with improved efficiency. ACT Smart Wifi intellegently optimises bandwidth according to usage i.e. streaming devices at home get more bandwidth than mobiles used for texting , thus enabling optimal experience. Smart wi-fi can also handle four times more devices than before with up to 38 percent more speeds. You can now download your files much faster at smart wi-fi built for video so you can now stream 4k videos seamlessly.

ActSmartWifi, is next-generation technology that works in tandem with ACT Fibernet's ultrafast broadband network to deliver optimal WiFi performance. This latest advancement is intended to support the next generation of connected devices, such as modern smartphones, laptops, tablets, and next-generation gaming consoles and it works with all your existing devices.

ACT’s ACT Smartfiber® also comes with an in-built WiFi analyzer tool embedded inside the ACT Fibernet App, also helps you identify green and red Wifi zones in your home and diagnose and maximize your connection efficiency and get better wall-to-wall Wi-Fi with better router positioning/interference reduction.

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