Have a good internet speed for gaming? What you need to win your online gamming battles

Thursday, Aug 27, 2020 · 10 mins


What is a good internet speed for gaming

Even the best gamer will struggle to perform if the internet speed is not up to the mark. Problems like delayed voice chat and lag, when the stakes are high, can be particularly frustrating for player. Multiplayer online games can be played on mobile devices, computers, and gaming consoles. So, a good broadband connection is necessary for a pleasant gaming experience.

With respect to the internet connection, here are some of the things that a gamer might find useful:

Network speed that supports heavy gaming

To begin with, you need a great network speed to download all your favorite games quickly. With the option to choose network speeds up to 1Gbps, you can download even large-sized games within minutes. Good network speed also useful when you play online games. It is particularly important when multiple devices are connected to the internet. In homes, where are there multiple gamers, each player may need at least 20Mbps of speed for heavy games.

Consistency is the key

For a hassle-free experience, you need consistency in terms of the download and upload speeds. If the network gets disconnected even momentarily, you might end up losing your online battles. So, you need a network that is consistent overall. Whatever speeds are promised with your data pack should be available to you at all times. This consistency also plays a key role when it comes to delivering predictable network speeds irrespective of the number of connections in the network.

Latency of the network

Latency is a great parameter to understand the quality of your broadband connection. For gamers, lower the latency, better the gaming experience. Broadband connections that offer latency below 100ms, ideally around 20ms would be the best option for hardcore gaming. With low latency, you can enjoy lag-free gaming all day long. While performing voice chats with other players in your team, low latency provides reliability. Real-time updates in the game would all appear better when you have a good internet connection.

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Optional booster packs

You get to choose additional booster packs with ACT broadband plans based on the primary application of your connection. If there is an avid gamer at home, game booster plans can be added to any existing connection. Another perk is that you would also be able to add additional data to your existing plan once you have exhausted your data for the month. With such flexibilities offered along with the broadband plans, gamers would be able to connect with their online gaming teams without any difficulties.

Internet security

Online gamers want secure broadband connections. Protecting the gaming devices from viruses and malware would be crucial when the device is connected to the internet for long durations. This security also comes as an advantage when you make online financial transactions for gaming purchases. Several broadband plans offer you a comprehensive network security solution for all the devices connected to the network. When there are young gamers at home, network security features also come handy for establishing child-safe browsing options.

To conclude

Only when there is a good quality internet connection you can make the most of a high-end gaming device. With an optimal network performance, you can venture into the various realms of gaming and choose your favorite gaming accessories without second thoughts. This is the type of connection that would elevate your gaming experience.

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