More than a desk: What role does the internet play in the co-working industry?

Friday, Jun 05, 2020 · 5 mins


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The coworking industry is mushrooming with such rapidity that it is getting hard to keep track of the potential spaces popping up each year. With a concept so perfect for the Millenials, co-working space has mustered a sweet corner for the large and medium-scale enterprises.

What is fueling the co-working industry?

But what exactly is fueling this rapid growth? In the context of India which happens to be the third-largest startup hub and the second biggest pool for the freelance workforce, there is a potential demand that is cropping up the need for co-working spaces. With a workforce that comprises 46% of Millenials in India, there is a requirement for collaboration, affordable infrastructure, and a self-sustaining IT ecosystem.

But coworking is not a panacea since there are problems which often hinder the workforce - one of them being the lack of proper high-speed internet. So, with an estimated number of 26,000 coworking spaces looking to pop up by the year 2022, let’s see how a shared working space internet can help you gain a competitive edge in the coworking market.

How can you optimize your co-working space?

Technology has made some pertinent promises in the field of work - from AI-enabled workforce to VR spaces, IT ecosystem has managed to remain the ebb and flow of every enterprise. That’s the kind of anticipated future we are preparing ourselves and so are you. Here are some important trends that have become the driving economy of sustenance, especially in the context of coworking spaces.

  • Faster and healthier internet

    To maintain the hygiene of workflow, WiFi for coworking space is a requirement. In the uber-connected space of coworking habit, the foundation of such a work model lies in the hands of reliable and fast wireless connectivity.

  • Increase of scaling

    By the projections made earlier, coworking spaces will require agility - WiFi plans need to be more scalable. For instance, turnkey solutions like Managed Wifi can allow easy scalability via monthly subscription. This will make space for mid-contract changes and quick refreshes with uninterrupted services across several locations.

  • Reliable Service and Zero Interruption

    In any coworking environment, the members need quick and easy access to internet services and cloud-based applications. So, uninterrupted access is a high priority which is instrumental to respective businesses and products. With premium grade high-speed connectivity, coworking spaces will alleviate unwanted stress and outages.

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  • More Bandwidth

    Bandwidth is the speed and the type of your internet service. When everyone is paying, they’ll obviously expect equally distributed internet speed. Your bandwidth should be such that it can sustain all the member connected to your IT environment. If you have 10 members with 5 active members on site, the bandwidth should be such that it supports 7 members.

  • Multiple Access Points

    Access Points are hardware units that is used for wireless device connectivity. Since BYOD is an existing culture in co-working spaces, users tend to bring a range of mobile and wireless devices that requires access points to connect to a wired network. Depending on your space, distribute your access points such that it covers all potential users.

  • Network Security

    Create a separate wifi network for your guests and add a second layer of network security for your existing wireless network.

  • High Quality Hardware

    Even if you are looking for a reliable internet service provider, don’t compromise on the hardware quality. Make sure to buy routers and associated devices that can sustain your upgraded bandwidth plans.

How can fast internet connectivity be a game-changer for your co-working space?

Coworking space is more than just providing a chair and a desk - it's about maintaining a collective balance. Beyond its ambiance, comfort, accessibility, and convenience - the foundation of such connectivity and collaboration lies in the power of your internet connectivity. So, let's have an overview of how a reliable high-speed internet connection can end up being a game-changer.

  • Enhanced efficiency to sustain technology-driven choices
  • Faster internet for everyone with unlimited usage and capless bandwidth
  • Optimum cost with more flexible subscription plans.
  • Future Proof for a better tomorrow.

Are you ready for the future?

With a high-speed internet connection, you can deploy cutting edge technologies to equip your business. So, if you are looking to scale business and increase profitability by leveraging the potential of cutting edge technology, then check our plans for a future-proof upgrade.

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