Residential vs. Commercial Internet Service: Which One Should You Choose?

Monday, Nov 09, 2020 · 10 mins


Residential vs. Business Internet

While buying a broadband, especially while working from home, a common dilemma that most people have is choosing between a residential internet connection vs a commercial internet service. In this article, we will try and take you through all the factors one must keep in mind while picking their broadband. People often argue that residential internet is just as fast as commercial internet, so why should you pay that difference?

Business Internet vs Residential Internet

Business internet or commercial internet is a definite go to choice for most medium to large business corporations due to a variety of factors. Residential internet connections often have unequal upload speed and download speed. Also, a residential internet connection only has ‘best effort service up time’ whereas a commercial or enterprise internet connection has a defined service level agreement with a specific uptime.

Below are the most common factors that one chooses business internet connection over a residential one.

  1. Upload and Download Speed Symmetry

    With most residential internet connections, users require more download speed as they engage in a variety of download activities, such as, streaming, video calling, downloading apps/music, etc. However, in a business environment, users are required to upload a lot of data to send it to others. This is why upload speeds and download speeds are crucial to a business internet connection.

  2. Static IP

    Business internet connections usually come with static Internet Protocol (IP) addresses, permanent numbers given by the Internet service provider (ISP). Simply put, a static IP address is an address that doesn’t change. Businesses require a static IP so that the employees can access the server at all times. Also, one added benefit of a static IP is the ability to connect to VPN connections.

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  3. Dedicated Internet Access

    When choosing business internet connections, people have the option of choosing a decided internet line that connects their office exclusively. Dedicated access lines mean you do not share your lines with anybody, resulting in committed speed and a more secure connection.

  4. Service Level Agreements

    A service-level agreement (or an SLA) is a contract between the internet service provider and its user about the services the provider will provide, as well as defining the performance standards. Service providers use SLAs to set customer expectations. If you buy business internet, you often get a “SLA” which means the ISP will have to refund your money if they don’t deliver the commitments as agreed. Response times are measured and short, and you are supported by experts or an account manager. Residential connections are “best effort” meaning, they will solve the problems as quickly as they can.

  5. Dedicated Customer Support

    Business internet connections have quicker and decided customer response teams. All enterprises get a dedicated account manager to help them with solutions. They have 24X7 customer support, dedicated relationship managers, in-house operation experts, dedicated NOC helpdesk and a multi-level communication matrix to resolve problems faster and ensure the best uptime.

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