How does high-speed internet help you leverage technology in a classroom?

Thursday, Jul 16, 2020 · 5 mins


School Wifi

Historically, schools have been the learning repositories - identically it has also been the chief beneficiary of high-end investments such as digital programs, resources, and infrastructure. So, funding has been aimed at the Internet for School along with other digital interventions. But digitizing the school infrastructure and providing online resources are just part of a bigger puzzle - where the only binding element is the School wifi connectivity.

How has technology enhanced the learning curve?

Teachers often have to deal with the futility of technology equipped class where the choices of technology implemented leads to certain challenges, especially if the internet is not up to the mark. To enable a blended learning environment, re-calibration is required where vanilla corridor wifi won’t make learning experience smoother but will debilitate the whole point of digitized learning. Then comes the stage where authentic ways are being charted out to focus on specific goals and how the school can squeeze out the maximum potential of the technology involved.

Here's how schools are leveraging technology-assisted learning inside a classroom:

  • Digital Learning Drive

    The recently used technologies integrated in schools are digital boards, digital library, digital labs, computer labs et al. All of these technologies are driving the learning force in schools with easy and fast access to knowledge and information.

  • Enhancing Collaboration

    Edmodo and Google Classrooms are some of the most frequented digital tools teachers are using to curate and distribute resources. The same can be used for posting updates, announcing class events, and answering any student queries.

  • Fostering Discussions

    Educators have been taking the help of tools like Synth and Padlet to find alternative ways for students to engage beyond the classroom. Synth, for instance, is a tool for podcasting which the teachers are using to provide supplementary resources or making announcements.

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  • Switching to Visual Presentations

    Visuals and infographics can be used by teachers to chart their course while the students can use the same resource -share it amongst the class and create a collaborative environment.

Benefits of Business Wifi Solution for schools

Now that you have seen how technology is being used to harbor a positive impact on e-learning at schools, the technology will only be useless if there is a lack of seamless wifi for school. Just like business wifi connections that require faster load time and seamless operation, the IT environment of a school requires the same standards.

So, let's chart out the benefits of a WiFi-enabled e-learning environment in schools

  • Access and Equity -

    Distribute and re-calibrate the digital divide that can offer internet access to students who don't have resources to afford the internet otherwise.
  • Security -

    Business Wifi follows security protocols that can provide students and faculty member against cyber attacks
  • Reformed Pedagogy -

    With all-around-the-clock internet at school, the teachers can make full use of the technologies in school, providing all the resources required for holistic learning.
  • Optimized Cost -

    School admins can opt for scalable internet packages
  • Support -

    Expect 24/7 online or offline support

ACT Enterprise is here to help you

If your school is planning to implement a wireless internet solution or pondering about the pros and cons - just get in touch with ACT enterprise and we will get back to you. We'd be happy to assist your school in this makeover including the installation nuances, e-billing options, and other supplementary services.

Contact us to get more information regarding Wi-Fi solutions in schools and how you can keep your students engaged and connected.

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