Simple Ways to Secure Your Wi-Fi

Wednesday, May 16, 2018 · 10 mins


how to secure wifi

Internet security is an important feature of modern life. No matter how much we’d like to believe that we are immune from hackers, the truth is that anyone who uses the internet is susceptible to attacks that can be malicious. Wi-Fi networks are particularly vulnerable to attacks even if you have secured your network. The good news is that there are several simple steps you can take in order to secure your Wi-Fi connection and the information open to the network.

  1. Stronger Encryption

    Make sure that your wireless access point is updated and does not use the old WEP (Wired Equivalent Privacy) security system. This has been proven to be insecure and can be easily hacked by most cybercriminals. Instead, opt for the newer WPA (Wi-Fi Protected Access) in the form of WPA2 or WPA3. Even with this system, it is prudent to use a strong password which is changed frequently, especially if the system is used in an office or commercial setting. Check to make sure that you have deactivated the WPS feature offered by your router. This is also easy to hack even if you are using a WPA system.

  2. Separate network for guests

    Offer a guest network so that they can connect to the internet without getting access to your family's internal network. It prevents inadvertent infections of your network with viruses or other malware. You can do this by using a separate internet connection with its own wireless access point. However, this is an unnecessary step since newer consumer wireless routers can run two Wi-Fi networks at once. Turn on the WPA protection for the guest network to have control over who uses it. This also protects your guests from others on the guest network.

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  3. Hide the Network Name

    Networks’ usual default setting is to broadcast its name to make it easy to find and connect to. However, you can hide the name which then requires users to know the name of the network beforehand. Keep in mind that hiding the SSID isn’t a failsafe step in securing your network. Hackers can use Wi-Fi scanning tools to detect your network and hidden SSID. This step gives your Wi-Fi connection a valuable extra layer of protection.

  4. Firewalls

    Most routers have hardware firewalls built into them, which are the first line of defense against hackers. They check data coming into and going out of the router and block any suspicious activity. However, you should also consider software firewalls that run on your desktop or laptop. You will get a better idea of what data is passing through the device. You can allow or block any particular program's ability to send and receive data.

  5. Protect with a VPN

    VPN or Virtual Private Networks are designed to help secure your online activity and keeping your private search history and activities safe. Simply put, these networks keep your data hidden from prying eyes by encrypting it. In such a case, hackers can go so far as to penetrate your network and be blocked from doing any harm to the system if the VPN is running permanently.

  6. Turn it off when not in use

    You can secure your network by disabling your Wi-Fi for home in extended periods of non-use. As simple as this might seem, you are in fact closing any windows of opportunity that malicious hackers might use to get access to your network while you are away. Turning off your network devices minimizes the chances of becoming a target for hackers. It also lowers the possibility of being damaged by electric power surges.

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