The 5 Benefits of a Self-Healing Network & Why your ISP Should Have This

Wednesday, Nov 24, 2021 · 10 mins


Benefits of a Self-Healing Network

This pandemic broadband has become a lifeline. The importance of staying connected to the internet 24*7 has only become that much more evident. In a recent survey about broadband service,customers called out reliable connectivity as more important that higher and higher speeds. A reliable and trusted broadband service that ensures 24*7 connectivity is the need of the hour.

Reliability works at two levels. Minimal downtime due to service outages and consistent performance with minimal packet loss, jitters, buffering.

What is ACT SmartFiber technology?

ACT Fibernet has analyzed real-time feedback from users in its innovation labs and continuously worked to improve its traffic patterns, data centers, last-mile connectivity, and in-home experience. With continuous iterative improvements in every aspect of technology, from network architecture, fast convergence, scalability, and adoption of the new evolution of technologies around the globe – ACT SmartFiber® is not just a wire into your home, but a gateway to superior internet usage experience.

ACT Smartfiber(r) technology helps address both the concerns of reliability. The self healing network and improved performance detailed out here (link to speed lane article) and here (streaming article) and here (smart wifi) take care of consistent performance.

Self-healing Network

Over last 24 months, ACT FIbernet has been working to make your connectivity that much more reliable and ensure minimal downtime or interruptions (if at all).

Network self-healing, simply put, is resolving of network issues without the involvement of people and proactively. Blackouts, malfunctions, and compromises of most types can all be detected either in advance or real time and remedied with automation. ACT SmartFiber®'s technology, through its robust network design and intelligent real-time monitoring system, ensures that there are no major disruptions in your connectivity. This is done by ensuring multiple redundancies, combined with automatic re-routing of traffic in case of any outages.

All of this comes together in a 24*7 command center that continuously and proactively analyses the network and ensures proactive network optimization so that users stay connected with superior reliable connectivity 24*7. Using auto- alert triggers and ticket assignment to network engineers, our command center creates a service edge in proactively addressing any inadvertent downtime and outages.

This is unique in the world of Internet Service providers and the benefit of Self healing network is also extremely important to enterprises.

  1. Reduced expenditure:

    Fixing recurring and time-consuming issues consumes resources and money. Network self-healing can help save a lot of time and money in the long run.

  2. Reduced people's work:

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    There's no need to enlist the help of others. You can keep your enterprise focused on more critical initiatives when they don't need to get involved. Automating processes also reduces the risk of human error.

  3. Real-time issue resolution:

    Fixes are made in real-time, with no wait. Automation can help solve problems in minutes when a human could take many hours to achieve the same thing. You gain maximum uptime with network self-healing.

Act SmartFiber® is a smarter Technology for a Resilient Future

Some of the most essential indicators a service provider uses to gauge the effectiveness of their network are the regularity of network outages and the duration of service interruption. Now, Internet service providers can be vigilant & predictive in their system maintenance with a cloud-based architecture incorporating AI. The network is empowered and enabled so that it can self-heal and requires zero interaction from humans. The advantages are obvious: the network can foresee when a failure will occur and lessen the damage before it occurs.

ACT Smartfiber(r) technology is the revolutionary next generation technology that ensures that your connectivity is future ready.

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