The Importance of high speed Internet in Life: Now and Tomorrow

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High Speed Internet


We now live in an era that is basically run by the internet, as it plays a significant role in our daily lives for multiple doses of knowledge transfer. The pandemic turned everything virtual, and high speed internet helped people function. Nobody before the outbreak of the virus ever thought that things could run smoothly with the help of high speed internet. Thanks to the high speed internet service providers, there are now limitless opportunities waiting for individuals to grasp and organizations to work.

Though the internet came way back, it’s the high speed internet that helps individuals check emails and messages, likes and tweets, trending content and memes, and other information through online news channels.

What is the importance of the high speed internet in the ongoing era (modern era)?

The internet in the modern era is like an information wizard that has a solution to all our day-to-day life problems. It acts like a natural resource that allows us to completely upgrade our lives for the better. With the availability of the high speed internet at the tap of a finger, individuals can now easily communicate with their friends and family without buffering. Since there are no technical restrictions, the bond between people has grown stronger over time.

The same is true on the work front, as we all witnessed especially in the COVID-19 pandemic and how its consistent mutations made the work culture mutate globally. With the assistance of the high speed internet, companies were able to keep the ball rolling, as employees gained the privilege to ‘work from home’ and maintain a steady flow of income in a disrupted economy.

How is the high speed internet beneficial for society?

The main reason for the rising need and success of the high speed internet is modern society and its endless desire to be understood. It allows individuals to have verbal and non-verbal interactions among themselves and helps establish various modes and gateways of communication without any interruption.

Our daily routine now is designed in a way that we spend most of our time on our laptops, computers, or mobile phones and for that, a high speed internet is a prerequisite. Gone are those days when people used to consume 1 GB data for a month.

Today, when we are living in a fast-paced world the need for high speed internet keeps rising every day. Presently from playing games to payment of bills or looking for information regarding a particular topic, everything is done online. For the mentioned activities to execute a high speed internet should be there.

What are the key benefits of the high speed internet?

The Internet has become a place for unlimited opportunities that you can grab in exchange for unique ideas. It helps individuals to share their talents and skills. However, the importance and benefits of using the internet may differ depending on the person because there aren’t only a few users but millions of them worldwide. So, it’s significant to highlight the vital points.

Most importantly, when you use low-speed internet, the tasks that should take minutes to complete like connecting on social media platforms, studying online, making online payments, buying different stuff, or uploading some content may take hours. So, it is important to choose high speed internet plans near you to save your valuable time and effort.

  • Grow your Network:

    You can communicate through social networking platforms and look for friends having similar interests.

    Social networking platforms have become the best source of live communication among individuals who are looking to connect and grow their network.

    Real-time communication has come to an end, with digital communication methods taking a stand, and everything that is growing is basically in the digital platforms.

  • Living Standards are Improved:

    Children were once entirely focused on building their careers, and now it’s all about downloading and streaming new games across media channels to earn money.

    From fashion to the cultural festival, everything is now easily understood with the help of the internet. The digital environment has been cultivated and actively introduced in our day-to-day lives and the credit goes to high speed internet for enabling so many things all at once.

  • Communication is Continuous:

    People nowadays have to maintain distances because of the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic, and the internet has given us a platform where we can comfortably connect and communicate with each other.

    Creating projects, conferences, virtual meetings, and much more have become easily accessible with only a few clicks as we have the facility to access high speed internet.

  • Wider Knowledge Hub:

    Blogs and articles are published every day for people to self-express themselves and share their knowledge & insights. What more can be said?

    There was once a time where none of these things was imaginable or even possible. Now, such resources are available in every corner of the world because we have evolved in terms of the internet speed.

  • Incredible Business Growth:

    Speaking, in terms of selling goods and services online, you have a wide variety of options to choose from by connecting through social media platforms and business networks.

    The internet has become the best source for businesses to advertise and promote their brand to drive user traffic onto their online platform. Thus, resulting in an ever-increasing change in their reputation and sales.

    It doesn’t matter whether it is a start-up company or a known brand; because, with the help of the internet, anything and everything is achievable.

  • Online Education is a new normal:

    Be it the olden or the modern era - education plays a vital role in both. However, the difference is that people used to gain knowledge from books, because there was no internet in the olden times, and now they can obtain any information online.

    Exchanging information could take several months before, and now you can clear doubts in online teaching sessions within seconds. There are tons of books that are not accessible due to restrictions at a library.

    But if you look online, you can easily find and download them. From understanding ancient culture to consulting your problems with a specialist, finding ways to earn money, obtaining a degree, and much more, can all be done through the internet.

  • Purchasing has simplified:

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    Earlier, people used to walk into a store to shop or visit the immigration department to purchase a plane ticket. However, if you; take a look at the modern era, 70% of individuals now shop online by simply dragging the desired item into their shopping cart.

    Similarly, the same percentage of people book their travelling tickets online. I mean, it is effortless, so why not? You can also save a good amount of money using offers available on your debit or credit cards, and similarly, you save the cost and time to travel to a store.

  • Job Search made Easier:

    Walking places-to-places in the stroking sun or a rainy day to find a suitable job for yourself can be tiring, but that happened in the olden times. Individuals nowadays have more opportunities and easier access to apply for a job, and a good example would be LinkedIn.

    There are three simple steps – you search for a job, look for a vacancy, and then send your resume for further consideration, and due to the awful conditions right now, you may or may not get the opportunity to work comfortably from your own house.

What are the Notable Possibilities of the internet?

Either school-related or worked-related projects, you can find references, biographies, e-books, and other instructions on the internet.

In the olden days, schools spent hours taking students to the city’s main library to learn. However, now you can bring the library to the students through e-book and school tablets.

If there’s any question running through your mind, you can type it down on the search engine to get numerous results, and if there’s a case where the question is not listed, you can use various platforms and put it up there for it to be answered; by other individuals.

Aside from studying and work, the internet plays a vital role in entertaining the user. Earlier, if you wanted to watch a movie, show or music video, you had to walk to a store and purchase DVDs. However, now you can find anything and everything online.

Keeping all these points in mind, now imagine a life without the internet. It’s impossible to do so because being in a digitalized world for so long, going to the days where the internet never existed is unimaginable. But all these things can be enjoyed only if you have high speed internet with you.

What would life be without the internet?

There was a time where digital devices and the internet didn’t exist, and society still developed in unimaginable ways. However, if we talk about the ongoing era, the internet has become a vital need for community, as it has brought; change to the world. So, waking up one day to know that the internet no longer exists would result in the utmost crisis.

People will no longer be able to talk to their friends on a daily basis. Thus, resulting in feelings of disconnection. If you look at the bigger picture, you won’t get to shop products online or have instant access to newly added movies and songs.

This reminds me of times when people used to sit in front of the television and play Mario on their PlayStation One. It was entertaining back then, but imagine going back to those days now. Our lives right now revolve around the internet, and even this published article wouldn’t be able to reach online readers without it. So, that basically answers the question.

What are your thoughts about the internet being good or bad?

The internet is a non-living tool, and every tool can have both bad and good intentions. However, if you look at it from another perspective, it’s a source that can provide you with immense knowledge relating to any topic that comes to your mind.

You can ask questions on platforms like Quora and wait for them to be answered by other individuals, as it’s always good to have a second opinion.

Similarly, If you’re lost, you can find your way through Google Maps, if you want live example videos, you can surf YouTube, and if you need help, Facebook can be a good platform to reach out to.

Yes, everything has its pros & cons, but in terms of the internet, pros have heavier weightage.


Knowing the importance of the high speed internet is significant for every individual residing in the ongoing era. Rather than spending your days unknowingly on the internet, it is better to take an hour out of your busy schedule and read such articles to be aware of the significant role that the high speed internet plays in our daily lives.

In the end, everything depends upon the user. If you’re using the internet to gain knowledge for your personal reasons, then it won’t affect how you think about the internet. However, if you’re using the internet to purchase an item or book a ticket, you will have a different point of view regarding it.

That point of view will be that the internet is a genuine and easy medium to purchase an item or book a flight ticket. In other words, you yourself can consider the relevance of the high speed internet, and no one can make you do it.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is WWW?

WWW, also known as the World Wide Web, is a collection of web pages that can be viewed or published by any online user. These pages include sounds, videos, texts, images, gifs and much more. If you’re looking for a popular method to share information across platforms, then there’s no better option than the internet.

What is VPN?

VPN, also known as Virtual Private Network, is, as the name suggests, a private network that securely encrypts your data and hides your IP address by bouncing your internet activity. In other words, you can use it to ensure safety, as it anonymously allows you to hide your identity while browsing the internet.

What is a free net?

The purpose of a free net is similar to that of a public library. When you visit a public library, you can pick up any preferred book and read it. Similarly, a free net is an internet service provider that lets every nearby person connect to a server and access the web.

Why choose ACT Fibernet for high speed internet?

ACT Fibernet is India’s leading broadband service provider with a presence across 19 cities. They offer a variety of broadband high speed internet plans to suit your every need. Whether you are an individual who needs a WiFi connection or a company, they’ve got you covered. They have specialized packages such as unlimited broadband and data-specific WiFi plans that you can choose from as per your needs.

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