Top 6 reasons why every gamer should use fiber connection at home

Wednesday, Dec 02, 2020 · 10 mins


Fiber Connection at Home for Gaming

Today, online games offer never-ending challenges for gamers, which keeps them glued to their screen. Most popular online games add new features from time to time to keep the players entertained. You need a stable internet connection at home if you want to enjoy an uninterrupted online gaming experience. Moreover, gamers need fast speeds and zero lag time to perform their best in crucial online battles.

While talking about speed and stability, the differences between fiber optic vs cable for gaming should be understood. This will help you get a clear picture of why avid gamers find fiber connection to be the most dependable setup for their gaming needs.

Here are the top reasons why fiber connections are the best for gamers -

  1. Downloads in a flash!

    Fiber connections offer several hundred Mbps speeds at reasonable rates. Gigabit connections are in, which means gamers can enjoy speeds like one Gbps at home. Most games that are purchased online come with a download link and installation key. This means, you should have a suitable setup that lets you download a huge file size which could range up to 200 GB. Take Quantum Break for example – it comes as a 178GB file. For such a file, you might have to wait several hours or even days for the download to complete if you have a slow connection. With a gigabit fiber connection, you can download even a 200GB file in a few minutes.

  2. No more live streaming hassles

    Besides playing online battles, some pro players also love to stream their tournaments and battles on various online streaming channels. This is another place where the difference between cable vs fiber for gaming show significantly. To retain your online following and earn new subscribers, you need glitch-free streaming options. This is where a fiber connection can come in handy. With this, you will be able to handle the bandwidth required by online games while simultaneously streaming your progress online.

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  3. Avoid lags during tournaments

    For anyone who asks – “Is Fiber Optic better for gaming?”, the lag-free gaming performance that fiber connections offer would give the answer. Imagine facing your opponent at a crucial moment in the game. Your game lags for merely a second due to an unreliable connection. This momentary lag may cause you to lose the battle or end up being re-spawned, losing that best chance you got against your opponent. Fiber connections prevent such instances by eliminating gaming lags.

  4. Ace the multiplayer games

    In online multiplayer games, every second matters. You might be working together with a team of players located in different parts of the world. Fiber connection would provide responsive communication between players. It would also ensure that your game response times are better.

  5. Explore the world of VR

    If you are done exploring the conventional gaming space and wish to delve into the world of virtual reality, then you need an internet connection that offers speed and bandwidth. With a fiber connection, the game environment will load without any trouble. The lighting-fast speed would make it possible for you experience the game exactly as the creator intended.


If you only want to play small mobile games, your mobile data connection is all you need. But if you wish to rock the gaming arena and become a pro, you should look at the differences between fiber internet vs cable for gaming seriously. A blazing fast fiber connection could provide you with that one tiny aspect that can revolutionize your gameplay experience. So, are you ready to bring home the fiber net connection today?

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