Top 8 Fun things to do with ACT Stream TV 4K

Wednesday, Dec 16, 2020 · 10 mins


Top 8 Fun things to do with ACT Stream TV 4K

If you’re new to your ACT Stream TV 4K device, you might not know a lot about your device. Whether you’re looking for basic commands or trying to find new tips and tricks, the information in this article will guide you. There is a lot to love about the ACT Stream TV 4K features and there's also a lot about them you may not know. We've compiled some tricks and tips ACT Stream TV owners need to know.

ACT Stream TV 4K Tip #1: Casting

If you didn’t know, you can cast your photos or any of your devices to your TV with ACT Stream TV 4K. If your Android or iOS device has the 'cast' feature, you can use it to stream video and audio content to your TV through the ACT Stream TV 4K.

ACT Stream TV 4K Tip #2: Google Duo - Just connect webcam with USB port

Did you know you could video call your family and friends from your TV? Yes, that’s possible with your ACT Stream TV 4K. Just download the Google Duo app from playstore and connect your webcam to the device with the external USB post and you are good to go!

ACT Stream TV 4K Tip #3: Bluetooth - connect headphones

The ACT Stream TV 4K is fantastic for solo late-night shows/movies if you own a pair of Bluetooth headphones. You can connect your earphones in the Bluetooth section of Settings to enable this feature. It’s a great feature as wireless headphones are so popular right now, yet very few home entertainment devices offer Bluetooth streaming - almost all TVs don’t, and only the very latest home TVs do.

ACT Stream TV 4K Tip #4: Digital Photo frame - via Google home

Simply upload a set of images to your album linked to the same account you set your ACT Stream TV 4K up with, and you’re good to go! To access the images, go to the “Photos” on your account and then browse through the uploaded photos or set them as a screensaver, making a digital photo frame.

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ACT Stream TV 4K Tip #5: Gaming - download top games

The ACT Stream TV 4K’s app library has access to 3000+ android apps, readily available to download and use. You can access the playstore on your device to download popular games to download and play them on your TV. Adding on to this, you can connect your gaming consoles via USB as well!

ACT Stream TV 4K Tip #6: USB - Connect pendrive or external devices to watch nostalgic movies

ACT Stream TV 4K has an external USB port that enables you to connect your external devices and stream content from your pendrive or hard drives. You can just connect your external devices and enjoy old movies and shows with your family and have a good time.

ACT Stream TV 4K Tip #7: Mirror your phone - browse on large screen

Your ACT Stream TV 4K can take whatever’s on your phone’s screen and show it over to your TV using screen mirroring feature.Just find the mirroring option on your phone and enable sharing to ACT Stream TV 4K device. This helps you mirror photos, videos, etc on your TV without connecting a USB.

ACT Stream TV 4K Tip #8: Music System - Download music apps and listen to Dolby Audio

ACT Stream TV 4K comes with Dolby audio feature that enables you to listen to great quality of music on your TV. Just download popular music apps like Gaana, spotify on your device and start raving!

If you are interested to know more about the ACT Stream TV 4K device, click here.

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