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While purchasing a broadband for home or business, speed is everybody’s top priority. ACT Fibernet with its new revolutionary smart fiber technology is the best broadband for streaming in Hyderabad and Chennai. Also, ACT fibernet is the fastest wired broadband in Bangalore, Chennai, Jaipur, Coimbatore, etc.

How Much Data Do You Use?

This handy table shows how much data some standard online activities use. Bear in mind that the figures are only rough estimates. Your actual usage is likely to be around the amount we've cited, but could be more or less depending on a number of factors.

ActivityData consumption
One hour web browsing10 - 25MB
Download a document2MB
One hour of Facebook20MB
Download a music track4MB
Stream 30 minutes of YouTube175MB
Download a non-HD film700MB-1GB
Download an HD film4GB
Stream one hour of HD video2GB
Stream one hour of music or radio150MB


Why Do You Need Unlimited Data Plans?

The primary reason for choosing an unlimited broadband plan is that if you reach a usage limit, you would not have to worry about incurring additional charges.

That is particularly important because you might be charged extra for internet use that is over and above the cap with 'limited' broadband deals. Which could land you with a bill that is very unwanted and unexpected.

ACT Fibernet’s Unlimited Plans in Hyderabad

The A-Max 1325 and Incredible 1999 plans priced at Rs 1,325 and Rs 1,999 offer 300 Mbps and 400 Mbps speeds. These are the two broadband plans in Hyderabad with unlimited data benefit. ACT Fibernet also increased the speeds on A-Max 1325 and Incredible 1999 plan.

Also, the A-Max 500 broadband plan, comes with a monthly rental of Rs 500 and offers 500GB of data at 40 Mbps speeds, after which the speeds will be reduced to 512 Kbps. Next up, we have the ‘Most Popular’ A-Max 700 broadband plan that offers 75 Mbps speeds, 1TB of FUP limit and 1 Mbps after FUP speeds. The A-Max 1075 plan comes with 150 Mbps speeds till the 2TB FUP limit, after which the speeds will be down to just 3 Mbps.

ACT Fibernet PlansInternet speedsMonthly DataValidity
Rs 50040 Mbps500GB30 Days
Rs 70075 Mbps1TB30 Days
Rs 1075150 Mbps2TB30 Days
Rs 1325300 MbpsUnlimited Data (3,330GB)30 Days
Rs 1999400 MbpsUnlimited Data (3,330GB)30 Days
Rs 59991 Gbps6TB30 Days

*As on date 25th Feb, 2021

ACT Fibernet’s Unlimited Plans in Chennai

The ACT Basic, ACT Blaze, ACT Blast Promo, ACT Storm, and ACT Lightning plans in Chennai have been upgraded to new speeds and industry-standard unlimited FUPs. The 60Mbps ACT Basic plan, which costs Rs 820 per month, will be available. The ACT Blaze plan will cost Rs 1020 per month and will have a download speed of 125Mbps, while the ACT Blast Promo plan will cost Rs 1075 per month and will have a download speed of 200Mbps. The ACT Storm plan will cost Rs 1125 per month and will provide 250Mbps, while the ACT Lightning plan will cost Rs 1325 per month and will provide 350Mbps.

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ACT Fibernet PlansInternet speedsMonthly DataValidity
Rs 54940 MbpsUnlimited Data (3,330GB)30 Days
Rs 82075 MbpsUnlimited Data (3,330GB)30 Days
Rs 1020125 MbpsUnlimited Data (3,330GB)30 Days
Rs 1075200 MbpsUnlimited Data (3,330GB)30 Days
Rs 1125250 MbpsUnlimited Data (3,330GB)30 Days
Rs 1325300 MbpsUnlimited Data (3,330GB)30 Days
Rs 1999350 MbpsUnlimited Data (3,330GB)30 Days
Rs 29991000 MbpsUnlimited Data (3,330GB)30 Days


ACT Fibernet’s Unlimited Plans in Bangalore

For Bangalore, ACT Fibernet provides ten broadband plans. The cheapest plan costs Rs 710 and the most expensive plan costs Rs 5,999. The unlimited broadband plans start at 1425 dollars per month and provide up to 250 megabits per second of internet speed. The package has a monthly data limit of 3,300GB.

ACT Fibernet PlansInternet speedsMonthly DataValidity
Rs 71050 Mbps500GB30 Days
Rs 98575 Mbps750GB30 Days
Rs 1085150 Mbps1000GB30 Days
Rs 1185200 Mbps2500GB30 Days
Rs 1425250 Mbps3,300GB30 Days
Rs 1999300 Mbps3,300GB30 Days
Rs 2999300 Mbps3,500GB30 Days
Rs 3999300 Mbps4,000GB30 Days
Rs 4999300 Mbps4,500GB30 Days
Rs 59991000 Mbps5,500GB30 Days


ACT Fibernet’s Unlimited Plans in Delhi

ACT Fibernet currently offers three broadband plans in Delhi, each of which includes a unique set of services in addition to high-speed Internet access. Let's look at the ACT Fibernet broadband plans in Delhi in more detail. The ACT Silver Promo, which offers 150 Mbps for 799, is the cheapest plan. The ACT Platinum promo, which offers 250 megabits per second for 1049, and the ACT Diamond promo, which offers 300 megabits per second for 1349, are the next two options.

ACT Fibernet PlansInternet speedsMonthly Data
Rs 799100 MbpsUnlimited
Rs 1049200 MbpsUnlimited
Rs 1349300 MbpsUnlimited


ACT Fibernet has the fastest internet speeds, up to 1 Gigabit per second in Chennai, Hyderabad and Banaglore. Our broadband plans can be found here.

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