Using WIFI at home Here's how a router can prevent identity theft

Wednesday, Dec 02, 2020 · 10 mins


Wi-Fi Network Security

Identity theft is a huge cause of concern. It can be more than a nuisance, adversely affecting everything from your finances to your life. When your devices are compromised, it not only affects the performance but can also lead to financial frauds and other problems. This is why, you need to know about the best router security tips for your home network.

How can hackers enter your home network?

If you are accessing the internet through a private data connection where only one device is part of the network, then hacking that device would only lead to data loss. In a home broadband connection WIFI network, there are several devices connected in the same local area network. Some are connected through cables and others wirelessly.

You may have installed anti-virus software in your computer, laptops, and smartphones. If the software is a reliable, it can take care of malware protection and internet browsing security as well. But there are devices like smart TV, appliances with WIFI capabilities, smart security cameras, and more. These do not have a provision for antivirus protection. If these appliances are compromised, the hackers can attain a backdoor to gain access to your home network. This puts all the connected communication devices in danger. The data stored in them can be hacked and all your financial information can be stolen. This is why WIFI security settings play a critical role.

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How can a router protect your devices from hackers and prevent identity theft?

  • With the latest routers in the market, router security settings can be configured easily. Every time you update your router software, you are likely to get security patches. These are continuously upgraded to work against all the latest security threats.
  • Ensure that you keep checking for router updates. Restart the router periodically to complete the installation of the updates.
  • Modern-day routers let you protect your WIFI from neighbors by letting you choose the best encryption for all your connections. You can further strengthen the security by adding a strong password. If you do notice an unidentified device connected to your network, remove the MAC address from the list and change the password immediately. All this can be done on the router configuration page.

Can a router be hacked remotely?

Yes, a router can be hacked remotely. This would allow hackers to tap into the data stored on any device connected to that router. Although people are taking appropriate measures to protect their devices, but it may not be enough as hackers too are coming up with new and smart tools to gain access to the network. So, you need to take the security of your home network seriously.

What are your options for the best security for WIFI router?

  • How do I secure my WIFI router? Some routers like D-Link routers, for example, come with security measures like Secure Home Platform which is a security feature provided by McAfee. Such reliable routers with robust anti-virus protection would be your best choice for averting the risks of identity thefts.
  • Broadband connections that offer network-level security would be even better choices. This offers a strong firewall to shield malicious attempts to enter your network. Your router and the devices are all protected from hacks and data loss with secure broadband connections.


So, to make sure that all your financial and personal data remain secure, you need to pick a router with the latest security settings. Also, choose a broadband connection that offers you secure lines and dependable security features.

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