We've Backed Hyderabad with GIGA Speeds - Here's All You Need to Know

Wednesday, Nov 14, 2018 · 10 mins


1 gigabit internet in hyderabad

Gigabit-speed internet is better than traditional cable internet and has changed the way customers interact with the web. It allows individuals to access the web with up to gigabit-per-second download speeds. As we continue to consume more data in the form of streaming platforms, gaming devices, home automation systems, and smart devices, the need for faster connections with large data capabilities has become the new normal.

Gigabit internet uses fiber-optic networks to provide gigabit speeds on the back of light-driven data technology. With a bigger bandwidth, you can enjoy a better performance without any network bottlenecks. Exciting features like Quality of Service (QoS) are within reach and distorted audio and video transmissions are a thing of the past. You can increase data transfer speeds with improved system response times. Gigabit switches and server adapters help you enjoy multi-Gigabit speeds with the Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) remaining low.

There are several ways in which you can maximize this offering and ensure that you receive the full strength of your internet connection.

Quality Wiring

Cat 6 ethernet wiring is the best option to connect your devices to your modem and router. While the Cat 5e can also achieve the same results, you might experience crosstalk. Cat 6 wiring is also suitable as an investment in the future, as internet speeds only continue to expand. Cat 5e supports up to 1,000 Mbps while Cat 6 supports ten times that. Another important tip is to ensure that your data cabling does not run parallel to power lines since this could cause interference in the ethernet cabling.

The Right Router

Not all consumer-grade routers can support gigabit speeds. Not all the ports in the back of the router are suited to Giga fibernet. In some cases, the ports will support gigabit internet but the router’s CPU can’t keep up. When choosing a router, x86 processors are the fastest, followed by ARM and then MIPS. Check these details even if the router is provided by your internet service provider. Generally, recently-released and more expensive consumer-grade routers can support gigabit internet speeds.

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Adapter Specs

Make sure that the laptops and desktops that use the internet have ethernet ports. If not, you will need an adapter for a hardwired connection. The adapter you select must be gigabit-capable. USB 3.0 adapters and Thunderbolt are usually a good bet, but the performance of other adapters varies widely. Do you due diligence and do not be afraid to ask vendors if their adapters are suited for gigabit broadband.

Wi-Fi and Gigabit-Speed Internet

Anyone who relies on Wi-Fi for our devices knows that these connections are temperamental. A range of factors can affect the connectivity including fluorescent bulbs in the room or even a cheap pair of wireless headphones. Wi-Fi systems detect ‘collisions’ or interference on the channel, and will wait until the channel is clear before resuming connection. If the connection is clear, attenuation (signal drop over distance) is a very real problem. The best solution to address this problem is a simple one: use mobile devices close to your router. Check with the non-profit Wi-Fi Alliance to know the latest Wi-Fi standards before investing in an expensive router.

OS and Firmware

Ensure that your firmware is up to date even if you are using a 5Ghz Wi-Fi band. Log into your router administrator console and access the router settings and follow the manufacturer’s instructions to upgrade your device. You could also set up automatic updates that will remove the hassle of manually updating every few months. Update all your other devices, no matter how time-consuming or inconvenient it might seem. Many general OS updates contain quality-of-life changes that will improve general performance and efficiency.

Speed Tests for Weak Spots

Fortunately, there are many free speed tests available. Test the most-used devices during the time of day when you are most likely to use them. Run a test to find a baseline of your current speeds. You will have something to compare to after you upgrade to gigabit internet. Check if the speed varies between wireless and wired devices. This will help you decide which devices need to be wired for the best performance. Identify wireless dead spots that you might find during such a test.

We at ACT are happy to say that we are now offering gigabit broadband for the citizens of Hyderabad. For more information regarding pricing and connection, you can contact ACT Fibernet or simply download our app.

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