We've Backed Hyderabad with GIGA Speeds - Here's All You Need to Know

Wednesday, Nov 14, 2018 · 2 mins


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It may seem unbelievable to those who know about the perks of Gigabit speed of internet, but this is the truth.  We at ACT Fibernet, have gifted Hyderabad the right momentum to build its dreams and turn them into reality with the best of the resources.

In case you don’t understand the Incredibleness of this opportunity, we have chalked down a brief yet knowledgeable guide for you. Here is all you need to know about GIGA speeds:

What is Gigabit Speed?

Let us begin with first answering this question as it might be hovering over your head since the second you read the title of this article. Theoretically, one Gigabit is equal to 1000 Megabits, so when we say that we are offering GIGA speeds, it means that you get 1 Gbps speed per second.

Basically, Gigabit speeds of internet means an extraordinary high-speed internet that can help you browse through the net way faster than you have ever imagined. And it is not just you who will get the extra benefit but everyone at your home as our exclusive offer does not hamper the speed even if multiple people are using it simultaneously.

The Perks of GIGA Speeds

If you think that faster speed is the only perk of our GIGA speeds, then it’s time to broaden your horizon and think beyond possibilities. To fuel your thinking, here is a list of some of the best benefits of GIGA speeds:

  • You get a higher bandwidth which in turn means great performance and a full stop on network bottlenecks
  • Once you purchase our effective internet plans in Hyderabad , you can use exciting features like Quality of Service (QoS) and say “goodbye” to distorted audio and video transmissions
  • Our high-tech GIGA speeds also ensure great data transfer speed by improving the system response time
  • You can also use our Gigabit switches and server adapters to enjoy multi-Gigabit speeds
  • Probably the best in this list, the economical aspect of this technology can surely win your heart and budget. Getting GIGA speeds is not an expensive thing to acquire and your Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) is quite low

How to Get It?

After reading the last point, you must have thought about how to acquire this new technology. But before answering that question we would like to tell about the two things that will make you GIGA speed ready!

  • 1. You need to have a system with an Intel Core i7 processor 2.5Ghz, and an 8GB RAM, with a 64-bit OS and 1 Gbps LAN/Ethernet port.
  • 2. You need CAT6 (4 pair) copper cable to connect your PC.

Once you are all set with the required devices and the will to experience lightning fast speeds, you can just click here and know about the most beneficial internet plans in Hyderabad.

In addition to this, you can also download the ACT Fibernet app to learn all about our great internet plans in Hyderabad and register your service request with just a few taps on y0ur mobile screen!

Once you opt for ACT Giga, our sales executive will get back to you in less than 24 hours and give you all the necessary information about the connection process.

What’s More?

Yes, we at ACT Fibernet, give you ultra-high speeds along with some of the most exciting value- added services. Be it movies, music, TV shows or web series, you can unlock all the entertaining content with us. Some of our amazing value-added services are: ALTBalaji, Hungama, HOOQ, YuppTV and FastFilmz. Subscribe to them and you will never get bored.

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