What are the Advantages of Wireless Broadband?

Friday, Oct 01, 2021 · 10 mins


What are the Advantages of Wireless Broadband?

Computer networks in the home and small business environment have been typically wired ethernet networks; however, many homes and businesses are now opting to use the convenience of a wireless network in lieu of a wired one. There are a few reasons for this rapid increase in popularity, including fewer wires to deal with when they inevitably become damaged or misplaced, generally quicker set up times, and wider coverage areas. In addition all of the major Wi-Fi brands include security encryption that comes standard on most units which helps add an extra layer of protection against hackers or other online criminals looking to steal data from your network.

Advantages of Wireless Broadband connection:

Wireless broadband is the new future of the internet with more and more people trying it out. Below you can find the advantages that wireless broadband brings to your home and office.

  1. Ease of Installation:

    A wired home network refers to a way to connect your computer or other compatible devices into your Super Hub with an Ethernet (network) cable. It's time-consuming and messy! Whereas, a wireless network is when your computer (or other wireless-compliant devices like laptops, cell phones, etc.) are connected to your Super Hub without the use of wires. It's easy to set up and no wires need to be run through buildings, over ground or underground.

    Wireless devices don't require any added wiring and even the most basic wireless package comes with no strings attached to it. This makes getting started and setting up wireless broadband service incredibly easy and convenient. Once you've experienced the freedom and flexibility of having an internet connection always available without needing to look for a nearby wall outlet or extension cord, you'll never want to go back!

  2. Cost:

    Wireless broadband connections do not require as many physical signs of wires being laid to run from point A to point B. The wireless systems have a lot less expense because the rooms wiring holders must also be set up for physical wiring. Any changes to the original plan can be costly and take a lot of time. Although wireless systems need some wiring, the amount involved is a small fraction of that needed for wired equipment.

  3. Security:

    One of the most important things to consider when it comes to choosing between a wired or wireless broadband network is security. An unsecure network is like leaving your home and all of the contents inside of it open and vulnerable to burglary and theft. Unlike a wired network connection, residents who use a wireless connection must set up their own encryption for their data. WEP (Wired Equivalent Privacy) is an encrypted standard that's used as a method of protecting wireless data as it moves from one device to another over the internet, though experts believe it's only as secure as wired networks in your home accidentally letting your information fly around without you knowing!

  4. Flexibility is important for portable devices:

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    Even if you're just checking your emails or posting on Facebook, wireless broadband allows you to do that anywhere there's a signal - even in your garden! Compare this to wired connections that require devices to be plugged into wall jacks. Laptop users need to unplug and plug in their routers when they move out of the reach of the router's signal, which can become time consuming if it were not meant to be packed frequently or something happens with your cable where you feel like you've gotten too much use out of it.

  5. Connectivity:

    A wired network supports fewer connections than a wireless internet connection (usually just four, instead of more than 20), but it’s not for everyone. We all know the benefits of being able to use your laptop, tablet, phone and other devices at the same time with no hiccups or delays, but there are times where you don’t want your living room suddenly beginning to stop working because you had a tablet or phone suddenly connecting to your home wireless network. Wireless broadband allows people to connect their devices without relying on wires. Such is the case with customers who need to access card machines at various events. Wireless transit can also help those who live in remote areas as well as those who travel a lot by availing themselves of public wireless connectivity throughout the globe via hotspots or cellular networks.

  6. Productivity:

    Internet connectivity, whether cable or wireless, affects employee productivity by making it easier for workers to complete their jobs anywhere they are. This option is especially useful for sales teams, who are often required to complete work outside of an office environment. Because this option has become more affordable over time, more businesses are adopting the technology. As the use of internet connectivity grows within organizations, employees working remotely can expect faster transfer of data throughout businesses and between customers.

Though a wired connection can be very reliable and fast, it's expensive, difficult to install, and is subject to theft if not sufficiently protected. In addition to all of this, the large amounts of data that organizations are accumulating is growing exponentially - which in turn puts a strain on an area’s available bandwidth. Since many industries aren’t able to support the increase in data transfer requirements or meet plansa for future needs, wireless technology offers a viable alternative solution in terms of cost flexibility and reliability.

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