How do I find WiFi hotspots?

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Wi-Fi Hotspot Connection

In this internet-driven era, people of all ages love to use WiFi because of its stability and speed. And hotspot has become a buzzword these days because whenever someone requires a quick internet connection, this is the word that comes to their mind first.

Today, we will understand the importance of WiFi Hotspot Connection and how you can find it at the time of need. Here’s the table of content for quick insights:

  • What is a WiFi Hotspot Connection?
  • What are the Types of WiFi Hotspots?
  • How to Find a WiFi Hotspot?
  • Do’s and Don’ts of Using WiFi Hotspots
  • Conclusion

Let’s get started:

What is a WiFi Hotspot Connection?

A WiFi hotspot connection is nothing but a wireless access point, which offers internet access to all smart devices (like mobile phones, laptops, etc.) available in public locations.

Generally, you find a good WiFi Hotspot connection in hotels, cafés, airports, etc., because such places witness a multitude of people on a regular basis. Hence, providing a good WiFi connection becomes essential.

What are the Types of WiFi Hotspots?

Types of WiFi hotspots you should be acquainted with are:

  • Public WiFi hotspots
  • Mobile WiFi hotspots
  • Prepaid hotspots

Although these are self-explanatory, yet we would like to discuss them briefly to leave no stones unturned :)

  1. Public WiFi Hotspot:

    It means a WiFi hotspot connection, which is usually available for free for common people. Usually, you find public WiFi hotspots in places like coffee shops, railway stations, libraries, government buildings, etc.

  2. Mobile WiFi hotspot:

    At present, it is deemed as a lifesaver and quite popular, especially among generation Z. The reason being is you can use your smartphone as a WiFi hotspot and connect another device like laptop, tablet, etc. to perform a certain task. It makes you independent and saves a notable amount of time.

  3. Prepaid hotspot:

    As its name suggests, you prepay for a particular amount of data so that you can access the internet whenever required. The best part of using a prepaid hotspot is you enjoy high speed and stability. In addition, you can pay quickly after running out of internet data, and this means you can ensure a persistent internet connection.

How to Find a WiFi Hotspot?

‘How to find a WiFi Hotspot near me’ is the question that makes rounds in the internet lovers’ minds whenever the cellular data gets exhausted. Rightly so, because hotspots have a particular range, and you can enjoy better internet connectivity if you are close to the WiFi hotspot.

Here are a few ways to find a WiFi Hotspot in the hour of need:

  1. Go to cafés or fast-food restaurants

    Visiting places like cafés, fast-food restaurants, etc., is the most effective and easiest way to find a WiFi hotspot. It is so because such businesses offer free internet to increase the footfall of customers, build a good brand reputation, and accomplish whopping sales figures.

    To improve your chances of getting a WiFi connection, you should go to places like Starbucks, McDonald’s, Burger King, KFC, etc., because brands like these do offer free internet for a healthy relationship with customers.

  2. Make use of a WiFi hotspot finder app

    Using a WiFi hotspot finder app could make your life easier because such applications save you a notable amount of time and preempt unnecessary hassle. To put it briefly, a WiFi hotspot finder app lets you take a sigh of relief. And many popular applications are available to install. For example:

    1. Android and iOS applications: WiFi Map, Wefi, WiFi Master Key
    2. Web application: WiFi space
  3. Let your device do the hunt

    In case you don’t have any hotspot finder app installed on your device or are unable to locate a café offering free internet, it’s better to let your device do the job instead of scratching your head.

    All you need to do is to turn on the WiFi toggle button in your device; it will automatically start scanning for hotspots available in the range. Generally, such scans look for the SSID of the hotspot so that a successful connection can be established quickly.

Now, we know how to find a WiFi hotspot, so let’s understand what you should do and what you shouldn’t while using a public WiFi hotspot:

Do’s and Don’ts of using public WiFi hotspot

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Only use HTTPS websites.Avoid using HTTP websites because they are non-encrypted.
Send casual emails with no worry.Refrain from sending any classified information like images, docs, or videos. The reason being is your confidential data can be compromised.
Browse videos, images, etc., on the internet.Don’t use apps that contain sensitive information or ask for login credentials. For e.g., banking apps.
Read news or watch live matches of your favorite sports.Be aware of your location. If you don’t get the right vibes or start getting phishing emails, stop using the WiFi hotspot immediately.


Using a WiFi hotspot connection is good as long as you need to handle some important work, but it could be harmful as well if you let your guard down while using it. Therefore, it would be great if you join hands with a trustworthy broadband service provider like ACT.

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Coming back to the point, we’ve explained what WiFi hotspot connection means, its types, how you should find it, and do’s & don’ts by means of this article. Hope that you’ve gained crucial insights while reading it.

Do let us know your opinion on using a WiFi hotspot connection or your recent experience with it in the comment box. Until our next write-up, it’s goodbye from us.

Thanks for reading!

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