Who has the best free Wi-Fi?

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Best Free Wi-Fi in India

In August 2021, while the world was getting used to the new normal amidst rising concerns of the third wave of the pandemic, ACT (Atria Convergence Technologies Ltd.) Fibernet announced the launch of 3000+ Wi-Fi hotspots in Hyderabad. These hotspots that the Telangana government backs on a pro bono basis are spread across major public places like malls, public libraries, hospitals, schools, colleges, and public parks.

With this announcement, ACT, which is India’s one of the major internet service providers, closely in the footsteps of TELCOS, has become the undisputed leader in offering free Wi-Fi, especially in public wireless internet connectivity in India. The convenience that the company envisages to pass onto its users involves free internet access for 45 minutes at the speed of 25 megabits per second. The upper data limit for every user has been set at 1 gigabyte.

How to access free Wi-Fi services?

Every interested user needs to first register their phone numbers with the ACT Free Hy-Fi network. However, existing subscribers of the broadband services of ACT Fibernet can access this best Wi-Fi service freely across all the hotspots along with the 47 metro stations in Hyderabad, India.

Who has the best free Wi-Fi in India?

So, which ISP in India has the best free Wi-Fi? It can be said with a 100 percent guarantee that ACT Fibernet is the best because of its top-class technology and seamless qualitative connectivity throughout the day. At the free hotspots that the company has opened in Hyderabad or Bengaluru, users can expect high speeds and internet connectivity that they get from ACT Fibernet on a paid basis. Since the network infrastructure and the overall architectural setup remain the same FTTH based, the free Wi-Fi facilities are exceptional.

The purpose behind free Wi-Fi hotspots

Installation of the free hotspots was done to bring seamless internet connectivity and accessibility to the common man so that more and more people can stay connected and reap the benefits of the internet to the fullest extent.

Service offered by Atria Convergence Technologies Ltd.

The company ACT Fibernet offers broadband and cable services to the southern states of Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka, Telangana, and Tamil Nadu. The company has recently started its services in the capital of India, New Delhi. With a customer base of about two million customers, ACT Fibernet offers internet over fiber optics, HDTV, and digital TV with the help of cutting-edge technology.

The company offers its top-of-the-line internet services to the residential and commercial sectors.

Key features of residential & business fibernet and broadband services

ACT Fibernet has taken broadband services to the homes and the offices of more than 1.5 million customers, delivered through the latest fiber optic technology or FTTH, covering more than 14 cities of India. What makes ACT one of the best Wi-Fi service providers in the country? These are the factors:

  1. Superior and futuristic technology

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    The technology used by ACT to deliver top-notch services is the latest and the most advanced Fiber to the Home technology. It has the capability to handle 1000+ Mbps speed with the use of optimized and state-of-the-art technology of switches and data centers. Such technology helps the company seamless internet connectivity to users.

  2. Unmatched speed

    ACT offers unequaled fast internet. The company was one of the premier and the first internet service providers in Hyderabad to offer Gigabytes at all corners within the city. Today the company offers broadband plans that start from 10 Mbps to 1 Gbps. Corporates and individuals can book or scale up their plans as per their changing needs and requirements.

  3. Affordably-priced

    One of the most-loved things about the best Wi-Fi provider is that its plans are priced reasonably – it is a win-win deal for customers – best quality at best prices! For example, take the example of ACT GIGA plan in Bengaluru that offers 1 Gbps speed at Rs. 5,999 monthly rental. It is a gorgeous plan for small and mid-sized businesses and even large companies. Similarly, when most people work-from-home and need dependable wi-fi services at home, there are options for residential purposes like the ACT Blaze in Bengaluru that offer 150 Mbps speed at Rs. 1,085 per month.

  4. Commitment to deliver the promised speed and quality

    One of the biggest advantages of choosing ACT Fibernet as your ISP is getting what you pay for. Unlike many other broadband service providers, the company does not promote lucrative advertisements claiming to deliver up to a certain speed. They have the backing of a robust infrastructure to deliver exactly what they promise to a customer, commercial or residential. For example, if the ACT Rapid Plus plan in Bengaluru says 75 Mbps, then the company makes sure that the customer gets every last byte of the promised speed. ACT Fibernet has hence earned a very credible name in the market for its value-driven service points.

  5. Supports upload and downloads with the same speed quality

    Unlike its competitors, users never face any issue with ACT Fibernet regarding uploading and downloading speeds. The company has invested heavily in top-notch state-of-the-art facilities like Fibre optic technology to offer symmetric speed in all its plans across all the 14 cities it serves. It is a rare quality seen in most ISPs in India, where the speed varies from time to time and activity to activity. At ACT Fibernet, download speed is always equal to upload speed.

Get in touch with the customer support team at ACT Fibernet for more details.

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