Why is broadband better than wireless?

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Why Do We Need Broadband Connection Over Wireless?

Today, the internet has become an essential part of our lives. With everything going digital, we need the internet to stay connected at all times. When it comes to getting an internet connection, there’s one question that comes to mind – what is the best internet network for your needs? Should you get a wired connection or wireless internet?

You may have encountered the same situation whenever you want to get a broadband connection or upgrade your existing connection. In this article, we’ll tell you why a broadband connection is better than a wireless broadband connection and why you must choose broadband over wireless.

What is Broadband?

A broadband connection allows devices to connect to a high-speed internet connection, either wired or wireless. Many different types of wired broadband connections are available, such as a modem, DSL, EFM, and fibre optic. Each of these network types comes with its own set of advantages and disadvantages. So, for a wired broadband connection, you require a dedicated LAN, optical fibre, dial-up connection, or cable wire that will be connected to the device physically, offering you a high-speed internet connection.

What Are the Different Types of Broadband Connections?

A broadband connection is of two types – Wired and wireless broadband. Here is a detailed explanation of both of them.

Wired Broadband

A wired broadband connection is set up using cables or wires. These cables are either made of fibre optic, twisted pair, or copper. A wired broadband connection carries signals from one end to another. Most wired networks work using a T1 line or a modem. This connection can then be shared with several devices using a wired connection. Some examples of wired networks include phones, the internet, and cable. Wired broadband comes with a high reliability rate as signals are passed directly through the cables.

Wireless Broadband

In simple terms, wireless internet is a connection setup that is done without any wires or cables. Radio links are the type of technology used in a wireless broadband connection. It uses electromagnetic or infrared waves to work efficiently. There are no wires used for data or voice communication.

Differences Between Wired Broadband and Wireless Connection

Here are the main differences between a wired and wireless broadband connection.

Reliability and Stability

Wired networks tend to be more reliable and stable than wireless broadband. When cables, hubs, and switches are correctly installed, you get a very reliable connection. With wireless connections, there could be interference with signals which can compromise the stability of your connection. Also, objects and walls can affect a wireless connection, but a wired connection will stay unaffected.


Wired broadband networks come with high speed when compared to a wireless internet connection. Additionally, wired networks do not have dead spots that may be present with a wireless connection. So, speed is one of the main reasons why most people opt for a wired broadband connection.


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When it comes to visibility, wired connections are not visible by other networks. Therefore, you do not have any interference with the connection. In the case of wireless internet, visibility is the main problem. Since the networks are visible, this can affect performance. Also, you could face interference with a wireless connection because of obstructions like buildings, walls, or even other devices. Additionally, on single networks, nodes or connectivity points cannot hear other nodes, which can also lead to poor performance of a wireless broadband connection.


When it comes to cost, wired networks are not very expensive to set up. Hardware and equipment like cables, routers, and switches are not expensive. The hardware also comes with a good lifespan and doesn’t need to be changed unless there’s an upgrade required.


When compared to a wireless internet setup, a wired connection is relatively more secure. It is a very safe connection to use when installed with all the proper security applications, including firewalls. However, a wireless network is less secure, and this is because data and communication signals travel through the air. Since these connections pass via radio waves, they may be intercepted if encryption is not properly done.

Why Is Broadband Better Than Wireless?

Here’s why a broadband connection is a better choice for you.

  • One of the main reasons people opt for a broadband connection is high-speed. It offers you better speed when compared to a wireless connection. It also comes with more data that allows users to download large files faster.
  • With unlimited plans, users have no restrictions or limits to what they can do. Heavy tasks such as live gaming, you can easily stream in 4K without any problems.
  • Compared to wireless connections, a broadband network is a more consistent, reliable, and secure option.
  • Given that a broadband connection comes with a large amount of data and high speed, it’s a very affordable option to choose when considering the cost.

Now that you’ve got an idea about the advantages of a broadband connection, it’s time to get your broadband connection installed. Check ACT Fibernet, a provider with over 1.5 million customers, offering broadband services through fibre optic technology. So, whether you intend to use the internet for your home or workplace, ACT Fibernet provides you with correctly done a consistent and fast internet experience through the latest fibre broadband technology. The data centres and switches employ state-of-the-art technology to bring you the best broadband internet connection.

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