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Check Internet Speed

The current era that we live in depends heavily on the digital world. Hence, a high-speed internet connection is utterly important. Without fast net speed, most organizations would collapse since the entire world is connected through the internet for trade, business, and other purposes. Hence, there have to be thorough advancements in the realm of technology to accommodate the needs of the hour.

One of the tools that businesses and individuals must, thus, subscribe to is the speed tester. A speed test of any device needs to be done to check the ping, upload and download speeds. Checking the net speed that you expect for the monthly bill you pay is mandatory and must be done frequently.

One of these most common tools is the Speedtest® by Ookla® for an easy, one-tap connection internet performance and accurate speed test. And based on the Speedtest® by Ookla®, ACT Fibernet is India’s most consistent wired broadband.*

*Ookla® analysis of Speedtest Intelligence® data Q1 2020.

Check it out: https://www.actcorp.in/speed-test-ookla

What is an internet speed test and why is it necessary?

The internet speed test is a scrutinization process of checking: 1) upload speeds, 2) download speeds and 3) ping. The speed test usually shows the speeds in megabits per second. It also verifies other related data like the network latency. Most users are promised a consistent high speed at first but fail to get the service they pay for. Hence, it’s very important to check the net speed from time to time so that the customer knows if he/she is getting the promised service from the providers.

  • Download Speed

    The download speed test results show how fast the user can transfer data to his/her own device. In the case of WhatsApp, mail, Facebook, YouTube and Instagram, it’s very important to have a smooth download speed so that the user can view the data available on these sites. Everyone needs a fast internet speed nowadays since it’s easier to stream videos. Therefore, fast download speeds are very necessary for business purposes, work purposes, recreational or even personal purposes.

  • Upload Speed:

    The upload speed determines how fast he/she can share personal or business content to others via the internet. Even uploading your content on social media sites like Facebook, Whatsapp, Instagram, Tumblr, WordPress, YouTube and Twitter, especially if you are a blogger, photographer, writer, or anything similar, needs a high net speed.

  • Ping or latency

    The ping is the signal that is sent from a computer to another. It usually verifies the latency and the amount of it present in the network. The latency is basically the time required for the ping to come back to the original computer. Therefore, the lower the latency the better the performance of the internet service provider. This latency should ideally be a single digit, which means that the data is being transferred in a very short span of time, indicating a high net speed.

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How your speed test results can improve

If your connection isn’t meeting expectations, here are some of the ways in which you can fix them and get better broadband speed.

  1. Limit the number of users

    If users are surfing the net, there’s high chance that the results will score low. Even when subscribing to a fast broadband Internet service, multiple users sharing that service often hampers net speed for everyone.

  2. Get high-end Dual Band routers

    Routers having high-end dual-band provides two kinds of networks - 2.4GHz and 5GHz. The former offers a speed similar to routers with a single band whereas the latter can stream rich media content. Dual-band routers help in having faster speeds and improved streaming experience.

  3. Look out for signal interference

    There might be certain interferences in the signal of the router at home due to closely situated buildings. Microwave ovens too can interfere with the signal. Hence, keep some distance between the router and wave-emitting devices as well as the device from which the user is surfing the internet.

  4. Rectify the router positioning at home

    The Ookla speed test can help users get accurate results of speed tests. But if a reliable internet speed test is also showing bad results, the location of the wireless router could be a problem. Thus avoid corners, thick walls or closets and place the router near the main area where television shows are usually viewed from.


The internet speed can fluctuate a lot, especially during weather extremities. But otherwise, the ping, upload and download speeds should perform well. If your speed test still offers disappointing results, it might be time to upgrade to a reliable service provider. Switching to ACT Fibernet can fix all of your daily internet speed problems and improve the video streaming experience.

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