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ACT Fibernet has changed how people stream, work and play across the nation. In the past few years, the ACT Fibernet family has grown to 2 million happy customers in 19 cities.

What does ACT Fibernet do?

What does ACT Fibernet do?

Our key focus areas lie in providing innovative broadband services using fiber optic technology and other value-added features. As an internet service provider, we serve people and businesses across India with high-speed internet, seamless connectivity, and several data plans. We also offer advanced broadband services to businesses of all sizes, and our wireless services connect consumers and businesses.

ACT Fibernet has also joined hands with several streaming apps to deliver compelling entertainment experiences for its customers.

So, whether you intend to use the internet for your home or workplace, we offer you the fastest, most consistent, and unparalleled internet experience through the latest technology of fiber broadband.

ACT Fibernet's reliable customer service ensures unparalleled internet usage for all its customers.


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