Find your nearest HY-Fi hotspot!

You can now enjoy free Wi-Fi at 3000+ locations across Hyderabad. These hotspots are located across the city for easy access in malls, hospitals, public parks, metro stations, public libraries, educational institutions, etc.

Follow the simple steps below to find a HY-Fi hotspot near you.

Step 1:

Click here to find the nearest HY-Fi hotspot.

Click here
Already within range of a HY-Fi hotspot? Then, skip to Step 2.

Step 2:

Getting Started

Switch on the WiFi on your device and connect to ‘ACT Free HY-Fi’

Step 3:


A ‘User Login’ will pop up. Enter the details like your phone number and click ‘Submit’

Step 4:

Enter the 4-digit OTP that is sent to you via SMS.

Step 5:

You’re now connected! Enjoy your Free Wi-Fi* up to 45 minutes at 25 Mbps speed and 1 GB data limit.
The access will be unlimited for ACT users if they log in using their ACT account credentials on the portal.

*Post 45 minutes you can top up further as and when needed, and you’ll be charged accordingly:

Speed FUP Duration Price Location
25 Mbps 200 MB 60 min / 1 Hr. ₹25 All Locations
25 Mbps 500 MB 180 min / 3 Hrs. ₹50 All Locations