5 Questions Ordinary ISPs Wouldn't Want to Answer

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When it comes to choosing the finest internet service provider, there is a whole range of criteria to think about. Alongside speed and cost, you're going to have to consider a lot of other factors as well. You need to choose a service provider that offers superior speed at a reasonable price. The most crucial factor in choosing your internet service provider depends on what kind of web user you are. Once you have established your usage, it will be much easier to track down an ISP that fully meets your requirements.

So, if you have decided to sign-up for an internet connection to enjoy fast speeds, fast downloads, and save some money, do your research well. You must have a clear idea of what you will find in return for the money you will pay. Rather than getting dissatisfied later, emphasize on every essential feature before making the final decision.

Here are some important questions, you should ask before choosing an internet service provider. We at ACT Fibernet help you find answers for these questions.

  1. How fast are the upload and download speeds – are these guaranteed?

    Fast connections are expensive; the faster an internet connection is, the higher its cost. Download speed refers to the rate of data transfer from the internet to a user's computer. Upload speed is the speed at which data is transferred from a user's computer out to a website on the internet. For most people, speed is the most relevant factor while getting an internet connection. However, it is best to compare the upload and download speeds of different internet service providers to ensure you can meet your requirements, while still getting it for the best possible price.

  2. What are the monthly download limits?

    As the internet is becoming an important part of our lives day by day, the need for more data is increasing too. However, most of the ISPs fail to fulfill that need, as they provide low data, which is not enough to cater to all your internet needs.

    While you should avoid ISPs offering plans with low data, you shouldn’t also get tricked into opting for ‘unlimited plans’ as they might not be worth the extra money you spend on it.

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  3. What contention ratio does the ISP offer?

    Contention ratio refers to a key metric that measures the most number of internet users who can simultaneously share a fixed bandwidth on the same line. So, instead of choosing a high-speed internet connection, if the number of users consuming it is large, it means that the contention ratio is high, and therefore the subsequent internet speed per user will always be low. For example, if the contention ratio of an ISP is 1:8, then around 8 houses may concurrently share the bandwidth.

  4. What additional services does the ISP provide?

    Internet usage is not limited to just work purposes anymore, it has become a very important source of our entertainment too. So don’t just look for more speeds or more data. Go for an ISP that provides a variety of Value Added services, like access to popular Video on Demand services, also lifestyle coupons for restaurants, cafes, microbreweries etc. and great deals on best quality routers.

  5. Fiber Optics or Copper: which is the right one for you?

    It’s important to consider the complexity involved in determining whether fibre optics or copper is better for your requirements. For rural areas, copper-based lines are the most practical and cost-effective choice, because it’s already present in a majority of locations.  At locations where 4G technology infrastructure has not reached yet, wireless may offer a realistic option, especially as it is more dominant and improves technology.

Knowing what features you should look for in an ISP can spell the difference between profit and loss. If you are looking for the ideal ISP in Bangalore, then simply ask the above questions before choosing one, and you are.

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Happy surfing!

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