5 Things Gamers Should Consider Before Choosing an ISP

Monday, Feb 19, 2018 · 10 mins


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The gaming industry is growing at an exponential rate with innovations like online gaming, next-generation consoles, VR headsets, and smartphones. The number of arenas in which gamers can participate is also burgeoning. As of today, gamers are spoilt for choice with leagues, YouTube and Twitch streaming, and more. The internet serves as a backbone for online gaming and you must make an informed decision when choosing the best ISP for gaming. Not all internet providers are made the same with the difference being in the finer details of their operations. The biggest hurdle to cross is the technology employed by internet providers.

To avoid being a casualty of lag or a poor internet connection, make sure you consider the following before choosing an Internet Service Provider for the best internet connection for gaming.

Latency and Ping

Latency is the time it takes for data packets to reach your device from a game server. Ping, on the other hand, is the time it takes (measured in milliseconds) for a data packet to leave your device, reach the game server, and return to the device. Both Latency and Ping are a measure of ‘lag’ in a game. Lag can throw a spanner in the world of online gaming and even the best internet for gaming can fall short. No matter the size and scope of the game, lag spikes are to be eliminated entirely for a smooth experience. The faster latency and ping are, the better the experience of real-time game-play will be.

Wired vs Wireless and Technology

Wired internet connections and networks provide the best internet speed for gaming and streaming. Traditional wireless connections are usually patchy and they lack consistency. Opt for a fiber optic internet connection which assures lightning-fast speeds without any interruptions. Fiber optic networks are a fast, precise, and no-nonsense option for gamers. ACT Fibernet provides FTTH (Fiber-to-the-home) internet connection which is the best technology available in the country today.

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Symmetrical Speeds

Another aspect to focus on is symmetrical speeds. Consider an internet connection that provides equal upload and download speeds for a smooth gaming experience. Gamers who live stream their gameplay on YouTube or Twitch cannot do so with poor upload speeds. ACT Fibernet provides equal download and upload speeds across all our plans with the best internet speed for gaming. You only get committed speeds with no ‘up to’ clause. For instance, if you were looking for best broadband plans in Hyderabad, you can choose ACT Fibernet plans ranging from 15 Mbps to 1 Gbps. Irrespective of the plan, the upload and download speeds remain the same.

Contention Ratio

Contention ratio is critical for all internet users even though it is one of the most overlooked metrics of internet providers. Contention ratio (also known as oversubscription ratio) is the number of users sharing the same bandwidth. To put it simply, it is the maximum number of users sharing a fixed bandwidth on one line simultaneously. If the contention ratio is high, where more users share a fixed bandwidth, the internet connection will slow down, and lag is likely to occur. We understand the needs of our users and follow a strict 1:1 contention ratio. Your line is personal and dedicated to only you.

Data Limitations

Typically, data refers to the amount of data you get from your internet service provider. As games get more immersive, the amount of data required for most games has gone up drastically. If you share your internet network with others, it will further have the burden of their usage which typically includes video streaming. When choosing an internet plan, do not opt for unlimited data, as such plans might have poor asymmetrical speeds.

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