7 ways to secure your router and why you need to

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Router Security

A significant aspect of information security that often gets overlooked is router security. Router security involves hardening a router and protecting its network against exploitation by attackers. Exploitative activities include gaining access to personal information, disabling routers, launching internal and external attacks, and so on.

Thus, in order to avoid any serious compromise with cybersecurity, users can secure their routers in these 7 ways:

  1. Change default username and password

    The default username and password are easily available for anyone to find on websites such as and Thus, in order to ensure router security and avoid any exploitation, users should change these details. They can do so by simply entering the numerical address of the router into the web browser and then entering the password. Once logged in, users can change the username and keep a personalized and complex password with a combination of letters, numbers, and special characters.

  2. Change the default SSID

    The SSID is the name of the wireless network which shows up on any nearby device scanning for a network. The default SSID of a router can easily give away the details regarding the brand of the route. Once a hacker knows the kind of router a user has, he/she can easily break-in. Thus, users should change the default SSID in the router settings as soon as possible.

  3. Enable the router firewall

    The built-in router firewall also helps to maximize router security. Users should activate this firewall in case it isn’t already enabled. The router firewall will keep a check on all the incoming and outgoing traffic and block anything unsafe and doubtful. Even with a router firewall, malicious data can sometimes get through the router. In order to avoid this, users should install another software firewall on the device.

  4. Update the Router Firmware

    Failing to update the router firmware might leave certain gaps in achieving complete router security. The outdated router firmware might have certain flaws that are unaddressed. An updated firmware includes all the latest security features that save the router from any exploitation. While most routers update on their own, it is a good idea to check the manufacturer's website for updates from time to time.

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  5. Update the security settings

    Routers usually come encrypted. But in case the encryption is not enabled, users should enable it immediately. Instead of using the outdated WEP encryption which provides next to no security, users should encrypt their routers in WPA2 mode. In addition to this, AES encryption is to be used, instead of TKIP. Users should also come up with a strong and complex password for the WPA2 key.

  6. Schedule Wi-Fi

    With the Wi-Fi scheduling feature, users can schedule when they use their Wi-Fi. It lets them control when the Wi-Fi is available for use. For the time period that they are not using the wireless network, for instance, during their sleep hours, they can shut down their Wi-Fi completely, so that no one can access it.

  7. Have a Guest Network

    Users might often share their Wi-Fi password with friends, extended family members, workers, and guests. Over time, they might lose track of who really knows their Wi-Fi password. While changing the Wi-Fi password regularly is a good idea, it is inconvenient to do so every time a user shares the password with someone else. Thus, it is best to set up a guest network either on the router itself, or on the internet service provider’s mobile app. This ensures that the main password is only known to the user, while others can use the guest password.

  8. Why you need to secure your router

    It is crucial that users secure their routers due to the following reasons:

    • Hackers can easily hack into routers and get access to the sensitive and private data of users, and launch cyberattacks on their devices.
    • Often, multiple devices like laptops, phones, smart televisions etc are connected on the network and not securing the router puts the security of all these devices at risks.
    • Without updated security, hackers can re-configure the routers and direct users to counterfeit websites.


Ensuring router security is crucial for a user’s overall internet security. Hence, it should not be overlooked. The above-mentioned are the most effective and easy ways to keep the security of a router in check. With ACT Fibernet, users can get routers that come with the latest security features and settings in the market. In case of any vulnerabilities, ACT Fibernet is quick and prompt in addressing problems and coming up with security solutions.

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