Business Broadband: Why should you opt for it?

Monday, Dec 28, 2020 · 10 mins


Advantages of Business Broadband

If you run a small business or work from home, you can understand the need for an uninterrupted and reliable internet connection. Business packages are also more affordable and can provide more protection if internet access is essential to your business.

Although larger companies opt for Internet Leased Lines, smaller companies cannot always afford them, so they may want to go for broadband. Although broadband is a good choice, it is important to note that business broadband connections/plans that are specifically created for companies have some advantages over home broadband connections.

Almost all business owners have to put considerable time and effort into their Internet connectivity these days. Businesses that require online access must have a fast and strong Wifi connection at all times. You need to make sure the service provider is safe and reliable. You ought to understand the common differences between home broadband and business broadband to make a choice out of your business.

6 Key Advantages of Business Broadband over Home Broadband

  1. Bandwidth and Data Capabilities -

    Business broadband users enjoy more upload and download allowances, and higher upload speeds than home broadband. This enables you to transfer data and exchange communication efficiently without hampering your business operations.

  2. Faster Internet speeds -

    Most business broadband plans offer priority to business users over the network at peak times. This gives you faster service and a better experience during peak usage hours by prioritizing business traffic.

  3. Lower contention ratio -

    Contention ratio refers to the number of internet users sharing a server with you. Lower the ratio, the better experience you get. Business broadband lines often have fewer customers for better performance.

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  4. Static IP addresses -

    These are needed for businesses looking to host their own servers. Many business broadband providers also offer CCTV services, website hosting or remote connections via the internet.

  5. Extensive support -

    Business broadbands have service level agreements guaranteeing the up time and providing priority engineer support. These are more reliable connections and give you access to faster response and resolution times.

  6. Scalability -

    Business broadband connections have broadband plans that can be upgraded/downgraded quickly based on your requirements. They have options for higher bandwidth rates and faster broadband connections so that your internet connection can be scaled in case you require.

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