An introduction to Managed WiFi services

Wednesday, Dec 15, 2021 · 10 mins


What is a Managed Wi-Fi service?

People nowadays anticipate instant connectivity—everywhere and at all times. The days of unreliable connectivity and Internet wires are long gone. In a business setting, having rapid and easy access to Wi-Fi isn’t just about convenience; it also has practical benefits, such as increased productivity, effectiveness, and collaboration.

What are Managed Wi-Fi Services?

Managed Wi-Fi Access is a provider-based service that eliminates an organization’s responsibility to manage highly advanced and ever-changing Wi-Fi technology. Businesses that use managed Wi-Fi services could then concentrate on their core business and consumer requirements.

Coffee houses, clubs, hotels, and other commercial and hospitality-related establishments are among the many businesses that use cloud-managed Wi-Fi services. These companies frequently lack qualified in-house IT personnel or someone with wireless network skills. Businesses can also outsource Wi-Fi connectivity to a managed Wi-Fi service, further minimizing the strain on their IT staff.

Managed Wi-Fi service, sometimes called managed wireless service, covers wireless access points, network controllers, switches, connectivity, and other network equipment.

How can Managed Wi-Fi Services Unburden Business Owners?

Wi-Fi is no longer a luxury or a choice for organizations; it is now a necessary investment that–

  • offers the mobility that is increasingly demanded in the workplace,
  • allows for the creation of new digital interaction opportunities,
  • improves consumer loyalty and satisfaction, if functioning effectively, and
  • increases and facilitates employee productivity, collaboration, and remote working.

The most significant advantage of a managed Wi-Fi service is that it allows huge companies to access the internet at larger bandwidths. Businesses with high-traffic websites require faster connection speed to conduct transactions. Now, they have more flexibility in selecting the network they want and adjusting their access speeds to meet their demands.

Additionally, many business owners cannot invest in costly wireless equipment in today’s competitive environment. They outsource their network needs to managed Wi-Fi providers to stay ahead of the market. Outsource providers offer connectivity options such as MPLS, Internet, Broadband, or Fiber that are economical, quick, and dependable. An organization does not put itself at risk by outsourcing. The company chooses the most appropriate wireless service provider that fits its needs at the most reasonable price.

Benefits of Managed Wi-Fi Services

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Managed Wi-Fi services allow you to delegate the administration of all of your Wi-Fi requirements to a knowledgeable and trustworthy partner.

  • Cloud-managed Wi-Fi services can give organizations more control and a powerful marketing tool.
  • Business owners can customize the types of adverts that show up on the screen as visitors log in to the free and accessible Wi-Fi.
  • They can construct various pop-up images, films, online polls, and other promotional efforts to build deeper, more meaningful consumer interactions and boost company income.

The most significant advantage of using a controlled managed Wi-Fi provider is the financial benefit. Businesses do not need to build new infrastructure or invest a large sum of money installing wireless networks. Instead, they pay a nominal monthly charge to the service provider who handle the rest.

Managed Wi-Fi Service Features

  • Employee Productivity
  • Wi-Fi Security Installation and Access Point Management by Professionals
  • Improved Customer Satisfaction and Engagement
  • Security, Monitoring, and robust User Access Limits
  • Signal Strengthening and Network Reliability
  • Value Added Service

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