ACT Fibernet's Managed WiFi:
one-stop solution

Deliver secure WiFi, for employees, customers, and guests,
without any hassle with ACT Fibernet.

What is Managed WiFi?

Installing, managing, and securing a WiFi network with a great end-user experience is quite a difficult task. That's where ACT Fibernet's Managed WiFi saves the day.

ACT Fibernet's Managed WiFi provides wireless internet access for guests and employees throughout any business. Our system automatically switches any device's connection to the ACT's access points throughout the property, ensuring the best signal.

How is Managed WiFi helpful?

A well-managed wireless internet system is a need in today's business environment. With easy installation, zero-touch provisioning Managed WiFi is not tricky to install.

There are several reasons why Managed WiFi is suitable for your enterprise:

  • Each user has dedicated and promised speeds.
  • Value for performance.
  • End-to-end stack for creating various speeds, time limit-based plans, and offers.
  • Multiple reports, user information, are captured and available for any future use.
  • Customised captive portal.

Get ACT's Managed Wifi solution for your business

  • Overall accessibility: Best in class WiFi Access Points –
    Indoor and Outdoor
  • Single point network management: Cloud Managed APIs for central control
    and management, a custom view for the
    Business Owner / Enterprise
  • Dedicated speed for each user: Assign speed for each user through
    ACTs homegrown user and service
    management system
  • High availability with redundancy: End-to-End Managed services from ACT