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Standard Internet Leased Line

Growing your business requires internet connectivity that will serve as the backbone for expansion and revenue-generating activities. While some businesses tend to choose relatively low-cost business broadband options, shared lines with simultaneous access to multiple users often lead to compromise in performance and experience. Designed specifically for companies with more than 20 employees, ACT’s Internet Leased Line Services ensure that you get access to your own private, reliable, secure and high-speed internet connectivity 24 x7.

Managed Internet Leased Line

In today's fast-moving market Businesses are looking for reliable, high-speed internet service with end-to-end manageability.

With ACT’s Managed ILL service, businesses have the flexibility to outsource end-to-end management and monitoring of internet links to ACT which saves precious time required to diagnose and solve service incidents.

ACT’s ILL services provideguaranteed upload and download internet speeds and ensure smooth transition for enterprises adopting cloud-native architecture. So go ahead and choose the service that meets your Business requirements.

Business connectivity backed by SLA


Standard ILL

Managed ILL

  • Dedicated bandwidth

    Symmetric bandwidth (same upload & download speeds)

    Multiple bandwidth options

  • Uptime


  • Ring protected Fiber last mile

    Multiple last mile options

  • Configuration management

    Static route support

    VLAN support

  • Link utilization report

    Link uptime report

    Open & track trouble tickets

  • Firewall


    DDOS Mitigation

  • Static IPs

  • Proactive Monitoring (auto ticketing)

Business advantages with ACT Enterprise ILL

  • Internet Bandwidth
    Dedicated bandwidth

    Fastest and consistent internet speeds

  • Lowest Latency and Packet Drop
    Uncongested core

    Lowest latency and packet drop

  • Uninterrupted Network Connectivity
    Multi-path redundancy

    24x7 uninterrupted network connectivity

  • Latency and Packet loss
    End-to-end SLA

    Committed uptime, latency and packet loss

Business connectivity backed by SLA

  • Dedicated Bandwidth

  • Symmetric Bandwidth

    (Equal upload and download speeds)

  • Scalable Bandwidth

Reliable high-speed Internet
  • Connectivity backed by SLA

  • Fastest reach to offices across the globe

  • Maximized throughput (or Minimal congestion)

Robust Infrastructure
  • End-to-end fiber optic connectivity

  • Dedicated ILL core

  • Self-healing network with multiple power back-ups

  • Dual path last mile connectivity

  • Improved QOS in Core, POPs, Edge network

Super-fast access
  • Superior web hosting on major CDNs

  • Direct peering with AWS, Azure & GCP

Secure connectivity
  • DDoS Protected

  • Disaster Recovery Data Centers

  • Intercity redundancy for Tier 1 connectivity

  • Static IP

IPV4 and IPV6 24x7 Proactive Network Monitoring

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