Your Guide to Small Business Internet

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Small Business Internet

In the current age of digital transformation, investing in a rock-solid internet connection has become critical for every business. A survey revealed that an employee can lose up to a week’s time per year due to poor internet connectivity. In the corporate ecosystem, this time lost can translate to huge losses. Thus, investing in a reliable and dedicated small business internet service is the first step towards growth and revenue for any corporation.

Reasons and Benefits of getting a small business internet service

If a business has only two to three employees running it, the residential internet would be sufficient for running operations. However, small businesses with more than a couple of employees need a suitable small business internet plan to keep operations running smoothly. There are several reasons as well as the benefits of getting a small business internet connection:

  • Consistent Customer Support Service

    Outages or data interruptions can negatively impact a business. A consistent customer support service ensures that every issue is addressed and solved promptly, with the least downtime possible. Most small business ISPs provide a reliable customer support service that is available 24/7.

  • Dedicated Connection

    Small business internet requires a dedicated connection to a network. A residential network is shared by multiple users in a locality. This ends up fluctuating the bandwidth speed during peak hours and hampers critical business operations like video conferencing from remote locations of uploading large files to the cloud application. A dedicated connection can do wonders for the smooth functioning of an internet-critical business.

  • Service Level Agreements (SLAs)

    Small business internet providers offer a Service Level Agreement or an SLA along with their business internet packages. These increase the reliability of a business internet service manifold. These agreements are performance guarantees regarding maximum uptime of an internet connection, and prompt resolution of any errors or failures. Thus, businesses do not have to face inconvenience due to poor internet connectivity and bandwidth.

  • Statics IPs

    Unlike residential or domestic internet connections that have dynamic internet protocol or IPs, small business internet service can have a static IP. A static IP protects sensitive information. It is also necessary for businesses to host a web server, and to create a Virtual Private Network or VPN for remote workers.

Different types of Small Business Internet connections available

Before getting a small business internet, businesses can figure out the different small business internet providers in the locality and the kind of connections they offer:

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  • DSL

    Digital Subscriber Line or DSL is one of the traditional ways to connect to the internet using the phone lines. Although cheap, a DSL internet connection does not provide optimal speeds required for critical business operations. Moreover, the further a business premise is from an ISP, the weaker the connectivity and speed.

  • Cable

    Cable connections use the coax cable lines used for television. Although the speed is better than what is provided by a DSL, it still fluctuates and gets slower during peak working hours in any locality.

  • Fiber

    Fiber internet is the most popular alternative for a small business internet connection. Because of the optical fiber used, data can travel in the speed of light over these connections. fiber internet provides a dedicated network to small businesses. These dedicated networks are not accessible to any other third-party users except the employees of a business connected to that particular network. This means that a fiber network remains uncontended, with no fluctuating bandwidth even during peak hours. The symmetrical download and upload speeds, the added security of a private network, and the high reliability of a fiber internet connection more than makes up for its relatively higher price.

  • Satellite

    Satellite is a preferable way to connect to the internet for rural businesses that do not have access to any other alternative. However, the speed can be easily impacted by weather conditions and physical obstructions.

Factors to consider before getting a business internet service by an ISP

  • Speed and Pricing

    Before deciding on the kind of connection to buy, it is important to take note of the requirements of internet speed for small businesses. Speed and bandwidth requirements vary depending on the number of employees in a business and the kind of operations crucial for its functioning.

  • Wi-Fi

    Although on the expensive side, the benefits of a Wi-Fi service simply outweigh the small business WiFi cost. Wi-Fi not only increases employee productivity but also improves the customer experience significantly.


Thus, getting the right small business internet service and connection and easily maximize profits for a business. At ACT Enterprise, all kinds of small businesses can avail of optimized business internet connections at extremely reasonable prices.

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