WANT more from your WAN network?
Switch to ACT’s SD-WAN Solution.

Tired of high costs, fragmented security, limited application
awareness, and all the thousand other things that make your
existing WAN network a challenge in itself? It’s time you consider
ACT’s SD-WAN Solution.


Created as a One-stop Network Solution. To help your enterprise stay on top of the game, ACT’s SD-WAN solution offers network connectivity, supports cloud adoption, and simplifies management. All as a part of one package solution!
Designed Keeping Your Enterprise in Mind. ACT’s SD-WAN is designed to help your enterprise by providing a hybrid WAN architecture. This transforms your network to
facilitate simplified branch office connectivity, increased reliability, optimised application performance and more, at significantly lower costs.
Envisioned to Optimise Your Business. With amplified business management, you don’t just reduce complexity and bring down manpower input and related costs. You also optimize your infrastructure for WAN Management, Security, and Operations. All these give your business the definitive edge to make all the difference.

Key Benefits of ACT’s SD-WAN:

One box for your Security and Firewall:

With ACT’s SD-WAN, all you need is one box for both WAN and security. This ensures that there is no requirement for a separate box for security and firewall. With centrally controlled security policies in place, management becomes easy, and there is lesser downtime.

  • Stateful firewall in the
    same box
  • Web filtering
  • IDS and IPS

It’s time to switch to ACT’s SD-WAN
and let your business enterprise
Feel The Advantage!