Best Internet Connection For Startups And Growing Businesses

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High Speed Internet Connection For Startups And Growing Businesses


With technological advancement, businesses have significantly improved their operational efficiency. They can now globally launch marketing campaigns to win more business, communicate with customers in a shorter duration, and conduct video/audio conferencing with employees at different locations. Cheers to the high-speed office internet connections that have propelled businesses to new heights of success.

Internet speed is a critical factor that dominates the success of a business. It enables businesses to connect and reach their audience faster and better. Hence, startups and emerging businesses should invest in high-speed business internet if they seek to build and strengthen their brands quickly. However, with a plethora of Internet Service Providers (ISP) vendors, businesses struggle to decide the best fit. To assist you with decision making, this article shares factors to consider for selecting the best internet connection for businesses.

What are Business-Specific Internet Features Required by Emerging Businesses?

Businesses transfer a colossal amount of confidential data every second; hence, they require an ISP that offers robust DDoS security, faster upload/download, and enhanced architecture for data backups. Subsequently, investing in fiber-based business internet is a viable option. Further, a leased line connection between your office and the ISP enables businesses to work on a dedicated business internet that offers higher bandwidth for your employees to work remotely by connecting to the VPN.

What Should be the Duration of the Installation Time-Frame?

To install a new business internet connection, ISPs take a 30-60 day time frame. Hence, invest in an ISP who does the installation in the slimmest timeline.

Is the Support Always Available?

Technology can behave randomly, and when it does, you need instant support to resolve challenges and resume services for business continuity. An ISP who renders 24/7 technical support for hardware and software is the best bet.

Does the ISP Offer Prompt Troubleshooting Responses?

Does your ISP respond quickly to a reported outage or sends its field service technician on-site if a failure occurs? Usually, it takes 24-48 hours for the technical team to fix outages at your location. You can assess such a delay severely impacting your business bottom-line. Hence, read the field response policies of your choice ISP before making a purchase.

Does the ISP Provide Business Phone Service?

By combining phone services (VoIP) and business internet, you can save costs on multiple support systems and the hassle of dealing with different vendors. Further, you receive a quick troubleshoot response for the phone and internet simultaneously if a fault occurs.

Does the ISP Have a Future-Oriented Attitude?

Internet technology is rapidly evolving with emerging business demands. Hence, your ISP should be cognizant of the fact that you will require better and bigger business internet as your company grows and expands. For instance, IPv6 is the latest protocol for IP addresses, and an ISP that supports it indicates their futuristic attitude, which is a remarkable trait to seek when you need the best internet connection for businesses.

Which Routing to Use?

The Internet protocol suite (TCP/IP) links billions of devices on the global network. An ISP connects your business internet to this global network of computers through transit (paid) and non-transit (non-paid) connections. The connection to a network is called a “route.” Hence, you should evaluate if your choicest ISP offers you a combination of transit and non-transit connection because for your business to succeed, uninterrupted global network matters.

Which Connection to Use - DSL vs. Fiber Optics?

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Digital Service Lines (DSL) is the traditional internet connection that uses copper cables to connect the computers on the global network. However, it was designed for short-range transmission, i.e., voice calls; hence, its ability to transmit data over shorter distances is remarkable, but for larger distances, transmissions often result in slower internet speed and higher downtime. To combat these challenges, fiber-optic was discovered.

Fiber-optic, initially designed to connect remote cell phone towers to the provider’s network, is today used for providing high-speed internet connection. It offers higher security features (DDoS) that prevent cybersecurity attacks, is lightweight as constructed from micro-fibers, and is easily stored in smaller areas, leading to lower-cost infrastructure maintenance. Additionally, fiber is scalable, i.e., you can launch your business with 10 megabytes, and in the future, with increased business needs, you can increase the bandwidth to 100 megabytes and more.

Hence, you need to evaluate your business requirements before opting for DSL or fiber. For instance, if you would need to browse and send emails only, lower bandwidth with speeds up to 10Gbps is sufficient, and DSL can provide it. However, if you need to hold audio/video conferencing, watch and share videos or regularly engage with customers on social media, fiber-optics would be a perfect choice.

Which ISP to Select?

There are multiple ISP providers in the market; however, selecting the best internet connection for businesses depends on the business size, requirements, and budget. Your ISP should be able to provide higher bandwidth, security, and 24/7 technical support to sustain your business.

For startups and emerging businesses, the internet connection should be feature-rich and cost-efficient. Subsequently, the best internet connection for businesses like ACT Fibernet offers business internet plans customized for your business. You can select from their custom packs that include unlimited broadband or data-specific Wi-Fi plans that offer equal upload and download speed for your business requirements.


High-speed business internet is the need of the hour, especially for emerging businesses. With greater speed, equal upload/download time, better security, and unlimited bandwidth, your business can scale to greater heights in a shorter duration.

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