Broadband for Business - Should you consider buying?

Monday, Jan 11, 2021 · 10 mins


Broadband for Business - Should you consider buying?

For companies today the Internet has become a very crucial utility. There has been a very rapid transition from conventional offline business to online. It's like most companies around the world would stop without the internet. It is therefore of grave importance for your organization to get a decent broadband connection for your business. Before you get a broadband connection for your company, there are a lot of factors that you need to remember.

There are plenty of options available when it comes to business broadband - from the simplest of easy ADSL links, all the way to 25Gb leased lines and phone networks that are more complex than we can understand. So which broadband business bundle should you pick?

The correct answer to that is that it comes down to what kind of company you run. Here are some basic guidelines for your workplace's choice of a broadband plan, whatever it might be.

What Makes Business Broadband Different?

It is always nothing more than an annoyance when an Internet connection behaves substandard at home, such as running slowly or failing to connect for a period of time. For firms, a much greater deal may be an inability to connect with clients, communicate important messages or transfer files.

Business broadband connections offer more reliability over your regular home broadband connections, meaning you don’t have to suffer with a sub-optimal business internet connection. Below are four most important reasons why you should consider a business broadband connection over home broadband connection.

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  1. Customer Service & Support

    Customer support is one of the most significant services linked to any product. And if these broadband connection services go wrong, customer support should be able to help you out almost instantly. Going with a broadband connection that has the backing of a very good customer service team is important. Most business broadband connections come with a dedicated account manager to help you with any issues you may face.

  2. Broadband Speed

    Business broadband services typically deliver far higher speeds than home packages, ensuring a consistent and smooth running of your business. Although the average broadband speed is about 40 Mbps, company broadband packages deliver far higher speeds than this. Most business broadband packages would provide speeds of 1 Gbps with fibre optic broadband, although some might offer speeds as high as 25 Gbps.

  3. Static IP Address

    With your home broadband connection, you will have a dynamic IP address, which means that it will change every time you go online. However, business broadband internet connections usually provide you with a static IP address, which ensures that it will still be the same.

    A static IP address is useful for your business, as it allows you to host your own server and website, and also allows you to remotely connect to your business machine, enabling you to function on the go.

  4. Cybersecurity

    Business broadband provides a higher degree of online protection than your home broadband, ensuring your data is absolutely secure. Most business broadband services contain free antivirus, anti-spyware, and firewall applications to protect you. Business broadband also provides better protection against data loss. The last thing your company needs is to lose all your important data, so a business broadband deal would allow you to back up all your files to a safe online location.

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