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Wireless Broadband Technology

Broadband technology is used all around the globe for accessing internet services. At first, only dial-up internet connections were introduced with broadband technology. Due to the technological enhancement over the years, broadband technology can be accessed in numerous ways. One such technology is wireless broadband. Wireless broadband technology has disrupted the traditional cable technology for accessing the internet. Besides wireless connections, there are other types of broadband connections as well. The types of broadband connections are listed below:

  • DSL (Digital Subscriber Line)
  • Cable Modem
  • Fiber
  • Wireless
  • Satellite
  • BPL (Broadband over Powerlines)

Read on to know more about wireless broadband connections and the best wireless broadband service provider in the country.

Understanding wireless broadband technology

You don’t need any cables to access the internet via a wireless broadband connection. The features of wireless broadband technology are as follows:

  • Wireless broadband will connect you to the internet using a radio link. The radio link is established between your home/office and the internet provider’s premises. Wireless broadband connections can be static or mobile as per your choice.
  • Wireless broadband connections can be established in remote areas as setting up cables would be difficult. Wireless broadband service is affordable as compared to DSL and cable setup.
  • A WLAN (Wireless Local Area Network) can allow multiple users to connect to the internet within the coverage range. A wireless broadband connection is intended to increase the coverage range than traditional cable setups.
  • Wireless broadband connection includes point-to-point or point-to-multipoint radio links between endpoints/nodes.
  • Mobile wireless broadband connections are also popular in the current scenario. A built-in antenna is installed at the user’s endpoint, and they can use the internet services from any location. However, the speed of mobile wireless broadband is only several hundred Kbps.
  • Wireless broadband connection also includes installation of access points. For example, WiFi is a popular means of accessing data via a broadband connection. WiFi allows connected devices to send/receive data via the available radio links.

Why should I use wireless broadband services?

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Wireless broadband connections are in heavy demand around the globe. Organizations prefer a wireless broadband connection at their workplace to aid the employees. Families opt for a broadband connection in their household for an uninterrupted internet connection. Many public spots like railway stations, airports, and shops are also equipped with a broadband connection to facilitate the public. The pros of getting a broadband connection are as follows:

  • Wireless broadband services are highly portable. Mobile wireless broadband services are available that can be carried from one location to another. Also, the fixed wireless broadband connections allow users to roam from one room to another. For example, you can use your college WiFi from multiple classrooms as they are within the coverage range.
  • With the age-old cable connection, only one device could be connected to the internet. Wireless broadband connections allow multiple users to connect at a single time. For example, all your family members can connect to your home WiFi simultaneously.
  • With long cables and fibers, the installation charge increases drastically. The installation cost of a wireless broadband connection is less than other types of broadband connections. Also, fiber and cable services cannot be installed without a pre-defined infrastructure. It is easy to provide wireless broadband services in remote areas as cables setup won’t be possible in such areas.
  • Wireless broadband services are built to provide seamless internet services. Wireless broadband services can be accessed via numerous devices like smart TVs, smartphones, tablets, PCs, etc.

How to get a wireless broadband connection?

You need to contact a reputed internet service provider in your area for a wireless broadband connection. A service provider will install the components of the wireless broadband network at your home or office. You only have to pay once for installing the components of a wireless network. After the first time, you only have to pay for the internet that you will use. The components of the wireless broadband network that need to be installed are:

  • Router
  • Transceiver

Once a wireless broadband connection is established, you have to use an access point for accessing the internet. Choosing the right internet service provider is of utmost importance for establishing an effective wireless broadband network. ACT Fibernet is a reliable service provider in India that can provide you with a wireless broadband connection.

Why choose ACT for a wireless broadband connection?

The pros of choosing ACT Fibernet for wireless broadband services are as follows:

  • ACT Fibernet is a trusted company with approximately 1.5 million users. It provides broadband services in 14 cities across PAN India.
  • ACT offers numerous internet subscription plans that have different speeds and usage quotas. It offers flexible internet subscription plans for each type of application.
  • Along with internet subscription plans, you will also receive a subscription for various OTT platforms.
  • Choosing a higher internet subscription plan with ACT Fibernet can get you a discount. For example, the half-yearly internet subscription plan costs less than the monthly subscription plan.

In a nutshell

Broadband connections can be wired or wireless, depending upon the user’s demand. Wireless broadband connections are now providing great internet speeds and are perfect for indoor/outdoor applications. You can also get a wireless broadband connection with the aid of ACT Fibernet at an affordable rate. Choose your wireless broadband network now!

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