Everything you need to know about fiber optic internet

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Fiber Optic Internet

A fiber optic internet connection can offer numerous benefits to businesses. Maybe it seems a little expensive but when you compare its benefits with other available connections, money does not matter that much. If your main concern is to get a smooth flow with high-speed, fiber optic internet can best satisfy you.

What is an optic fiber internet?

Fiber-optic broadband ushered in a new era of high-speed internet surfing experience. It is accepted as the future of broadband. It enables fiber optic technology to easily reach the fastest speed available today. Fiber optic is simply blowing its competitors from the field. Here ‘Fiber’ refers to the thin glass wires inside the larger and protective cable. The term ‘optic’ refers to the type of data transfer (light signals).

In order to know if your internet has fiber or not, you can check the connector and cable, your provider has installed. If it is an ST or SC optional cable connector, you can be certain that you are using a fiber optic. If not, then you might be using some other type of broadband connection.

Fiber Optic vs. cable internet

Cutting edge technology has been enabled for fiber optic internet. Data is sent via flexible and small strands of glass that transmit light. It is helpful when you need to send data faster over greater distances.

Cable TV infrastructure is enabled for traditional cable internet. But it does not interfere with the television system and sometimes you may need to share the connection with nearby people.

Fiber optic internet can send data faster than basic cable. It follows a dedicated line and that’s why it is able to more consistently send data than cable. You will also get this much speed during peak usage time. Fiber optic internet is more reliable for users. During a power outage, Fiber optic is less likely to go down. Here no electricity is involved. Glass wires protect the speed and connectivity from nearby power lines or high voltage electrical equipment. It also reduces the risk of fire. It is also harder to hack and it can also be submerged in water.

Previously fiber optic internet used to be more expensive than basic cable internet. But this price gap has reduced as more providers are now in the field to offer fiber connection. Presently, it is becoming less pricey than maintaining antiquated copper systems.

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Difference between DSL and Fiber

What do you need for fiber internet?

In order to enable fiber optic internet, you need a new router. DSL modems or traditional cable will not work here. If you search online you will get lists of effective modem and special Wi-Fi router for fiber optic internet. You can ask your provider to get the best one.

How Do I install fiber internet?

It can be installed indoors or outdoors but it engages several different steps. You need to take professional help to install fiber optic cable.

To install fiber internet you may have to spend two to four hours. Within four hours everything gets connected. Connecting a router to fiber is also the job of the provider.

Can I get fiber optic internet?

Fiber-optic broadband offers much faster speed in comparison with normal broadband. If speed is your utmost priority, choosing this fiber optic is the best way to perform your online tasks smoothly.

High speed, better cloud access, signal strength, reliability, symmetric speed, enhanced security, and better bandwidth- all these come with a fiber optic internet connection. Before installing an optic connection, this blog will help you in clearing all the basic doubts.

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